Monday, November 8

hey! watch this!

I'm gonna go from my last post of glittery girly GREATNESS with Honey toooooooooo:

are you ready?!

Get in... start your engines and buckle up...

ain't no race complete without a Deere...

...let's go for a ride at NASCAR!!!

I dusted the pixie dust from my freckled nose and replaced it with some:

and some good ol' grit and grime!  Yeeeeeee HA!

One of my favorite things about the NASCAR race isn't watching my favorite driver (and jumping up and down cheerin' him on)... or the loud engine noise (though I wouldn't trade the ringing in my ears for the world!) or brushin' up on my red.neck ways...

It's the patriotism.  There is not a man, woman or child in the stands that has a problem with taking his or her hat off

to salute the flag, the soldiers - and sing the National Anthem while the colors are being presented.


There is not one man, woman or child in the stands that feels the need to protest as the prayer is being sent up before each race (you know God has a favorite driver...).  It's amazing, it's awe inspiring - it makes you PROUD to be an American... and it finishes with THIS bad boy:

how can you not LOVE that?! My hairs are still standin' on end...

My driver didn't win - but that's okay... next year when I'm on his pit crew (I'm a lil' slow in the tire changin' department - drives me NUTS to get grease under my nails...) maybe we'll win. A caution happened 7 laps before the end of the race - started back up with 3 laps to go... can you say: "DRAG RACE?!"  YeeeeeeeeeHAW!

What did you do this week-end?! Inquiring minds wanna know!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wondering if I could bottle and sell the smell of burnt rubber, gas fumes and oil... what should I call it?) hee-hee
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