Tuesday, November 2

Ta Da!

The Grand Opening of Mindy's store: "The Primitique":

Oh... no no no... brought to you by:

It was SEW much fun - and you should go visit "the Mindy" - you are in for a treat!!!  I got to meet new friends - see friendly loving faces that I haven't seen in a few weeks (I got a hug from Debbie the trash talkin' Diva AND Cat Daddy(It's okay... don't be jealous...)... harass "The Mindy" for countless hours...

 Check out who else I saw!

(he needs a name, right?) Even with no name... he kept his eyes on us all day 'cause this guy couldn't...

he lost his head.


... he cleaned up after us all day - and he was soooooooo good at it he's coming to live at MY house (I ain't no dummy!)!

Now - this girl...

and she might wanna watch out or one of two things could happen. She could be:

Yikes!  She should be skeert!!!

Wanna see more?  Go see "the Mindy" or visit my flickr page... or "the Mindy's" flickr page... or...

so you don't miss:

It's gonna be FUN!!! Tons of Quirky Vintage Goodness... Christmas style (with a lil' bit o' red.neck thrown in for good measure...)!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm serious... deer guy needs a name!!!  Got any ideas?) hee-hee
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