Thursday, August 25


Here is something to ponder:
When a sheep gets caught in the rain... do they shrink?

What is a sheep's favorite painting? The Mona Fleesa.

Why was the sheep arrested on the freeway? For doing an illegal ewe-turn.

Where do sheep get their hair cut? At a baa-baa shop.

What would you get if you crossed a goat and a sheep? An animal that eats tin cans and gives back steel wool.

All Image Sources listed here
(It's all on one of my Pinterest boards(which I like to call: "photoCRACK" because it is THAT addictive...))
What do you get if you cross a sheep with a porcupine? An animal that knits its own sweaters.

If my living room/office... anyroom looked as good as some of the ones above, I would have to keep the rug. Do you have a sheepskin rug in your house anywhere?

comin' to ewe LIVE from a single-wide where you know what one sheep said to another? After ewe...hee-hee

all of that just to ask you about a sheepskin rug... someday ya'll are going to vote me off the island aren't ewe.

I'm a lil' sheepish about posting so many baaaaaaaaaaad jokes... I won't do it again - and I promise ewe I'm not pulling the wool over your eyes.

Or maybe next time if I do I'll hypnotize you.
"Ewe are getting very VERY sheepy...."
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