Wednesday, August 10


Are you ready for some fun my lovely lovely red.neck friends? Here's a new pocketbook for you! I want you to meet:"mrs. fran.cis something-or-another"

"mrs. fran.cis something-or-another" needs a name 'cause she can't remain "something-or-another"... remember how it goes?

I give you the name of the Pattern:

pattern name: "mrs. fran.cis"

Some history of her ingredients ('cause you know each pocketbook is cooked up with fun!):

vintage cut velvet table runner, velvet fabric sample, cut velvet pillow front and back, vintage brooch and up.cycled purse handles!

Then I say Go!

Don't forget - the name I duct tape to "mrs. fran.cis something-or-another" gets a link to YOUR blog (or website - even your Etsy Shop!) in the product description in my Etsy shop! Are you game?


comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I adore reading what ya'll crazy people come up with... it makes me laugh. out. loud. and I need the giggles 'cause the "resident teen" got his license and I'm sad... yet getting a lot of work out of him 'cause he's wheelin' and dealin' for gas money now... hee-hee
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