Tuesday, August 30

rain drops

Here in the big State of Texas we need some rain.


It's hot. It's dry... it's hot. Did I say that it's hot already?

You can read some facts here.

It mentions things like: With a limited water supply, ranchers are having to reduce the size of their herds. Some ranchers have had to resort to a complete liquidation. Ranchers have relocated cattle as far away as Wyoming!

And then things like: 94 percent of pasture and range land is rated as poor or very poor and nearly all of the hay supply is being brought in from other states.

Over the week-end I saw hay haulin' trucks from Minnesota. I looked to see if Mr. Flannery or Kris were driving a couple of them, but unless they were in disguise it wasn't either one of them.

Then there is this: Only 8 percent of the corn crop was in good condition.
So... being Texans, we baled up our failed corn crops - threw in some molasses and made hay.

Water worries - raging wildfires - air conditioners going missing (not because of the copper - but because people are HOT!)... the list goes on.

This has been parked and ready at the airport by my house (think they know about the lip bomb?) off and on all summer...
This morning it rained!!!

First time my windshield has seen water in months.... my own personal car wash.
Okay - it only rained enough to mess up my windshield - but it rained!!! I was so excited I stopped on the side of the road and played in it for a few minutes! AND!!!  GUESS WHAT!!!  We might get a cold front this week-end... it's going to drop down to 95 degrees!!!

I'm looking for my long johns now...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where it's been WELL over 100 degrees for 62 days and counting... what's the weather like in your 'hood? Wanna come sit in the kid-pool with me? I have little floaty ducks and some noodles...

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