Wednesday, September 28

Breaking and entering

Shhh... don't tell ... I have hacked this blog while red.neck chic is out gallivanting around Zapp Hall field in Warrenton. Yep. This single-wide's not too shabby, if you know what I mean. Lots of little what-nots. Some half-empty cans of spray paint. Bling on that table. Traces of silver glitter all over the floor. She must've hauled tail in a hurry! I'm guessing she was loading that trailer up until THE very last minute, making sure all those wild Warrenton women would have loads of bags, jewelry, junk and everythingelseunderthesun to drool over.

Let me just say that I visited red.neck chic Friday. And maybe again Saturday. And probably Sunday and Monday, too. AND... I came home with a couple of friends I found right in the middle of the red.neck chic tent. The coolest art couple (male and female restroom symbols all silvery and sparkling with glitter and measuring almost four feet tall). And a necklace. And another necklace.

I know she'd love to see you. Why don't you go visit her tomorrow or Friday or even Saturday and tell her Kristi sent you. But don't let her know I hacked her. That might make her feel used. And dirty. And in need of a shower. And showers are hard to come by out in the fields!

I just know there's some junk at the red.neck chic tent with your name written all. over. it.

You'll stop by and pick it up, won't you?!

PS: That's us up there in that photo, having all kinds of fun.
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