Friday, September 9

it's time to celebrate - part 2

I've done gone in to the bubble blowin' business.

You can:

or you can:

Either way, some part of you is going to get clean. (just don't put yerself in the warshin' machine)

Why "SUDZ"? My Step-Daddy is a good ol' Texas man - born and raised. We've got the cowboy boots, the belt buckles, the 10-gallon hat (depending on the occasion) and when he wants to: The Good Ol' Texas Twaaaaang!

Light bulb is pronounced: "Light Buhhhb".

So when I was blowin' some soap bubbles in my kitchen, I thought of him. And "red.neck SUDZ" was oh-ficially in the air.

red.neck SUDZ is pronounced: "red.neck Suhhhdz". The twang is important here - ya gots to have the twang.

Hand soap - the perfect size to send your guests in to fits of uncontrollable giggles:

I know you want it... but I just couldn't seem to find a skunk scent!!!
and Laundry soap... so's you can warsh up them over-alls:

the fabric bag is actuuuuuually a sleeve off of a Saddle Tramp shirt!
There you go.
I'm blowin' bubbles over here in the single-wide. So...

the pocketbook is in the box, some bubbles will land in there... let's see... what else...

Did you throw your name in the duct tape roll on part 1? If not - be sure and do so! Remember:

I will take all comments from each "celebrate-late-with-me"post and ALL comments will be entered to win - you are going to get SEW many chances because your name goes in for each comment you leave!!!

Tell your friends about the fun over here (then tell me) and you get TWO chances to win per post that you share!

New follower? Tell me and I'll welcome you as soon as I throw your name in the duct tape roll twice for the the post you taped yourself on to!

It's a BIG box! And there's sew much more fun to go!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm thinking that the next thing I make in the soap business should be bath bombs... but really big ones that explode and fizz while you're warshin' off in the cow tank. Call 'em "Bubba Bubbles".
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