Tuesday, September 6

down the field...

It's Friday night football season once more in Central Texas. Okay, fine. All over the United States.

But NO BODY does it like small Texas schools.

Bull horns, shaker things... louder bull horns. And the giant pickles from the concession stand.

Now - my football knowledge fits in the same hockey puck that my baseball knowledge fits in...

But my kid sure is cute. I'm sorry...we're almost 17... handsome when he marches.

Oh, and we were beating the living daylights out of the school I grew up in... 36-0. I felt immense joy with each rebound shot and hole-in-one that our football team scored!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I labored all week-end getting ready for Warrenton... what did YOU do? Are you sitting at the rugby field watching football all season? hee-hee
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