Thursday, September 1


Have you watched that show, "Hot In Cleveland" with Betty White?  One of the commercials for it has Betty saying, "I've gotta go... these track suits don't bedazzle themselves!"! It cracks me up every time I hear it!!!

Well.... prior to this past Saturday I must have been the only red.neck in the world that didn't own a Bedazzler!  Can you believe it? Do you have one?  I remedied my major "oops".

I know... it's SEW 80's... but I'm a red.neck. To me mullets still rock the world...
THEN!  I got a box full of GREATNESS from Judi Spinetti (remember?  she won the duct tape, pearls and sparklin' thangs red.neck Glam necklace...)!

Judi had sent me a BeDazzler.... but it's the real thing!  How cool is THAT?!!!

My "Saddle Tramp" shirts are not only going to be tramp stamped... but now they are going to be "BeDazzlin'" ... the State of Texas is going to be BeDazzled... heck - I'm going to BeDazzle the WORLD! I ain't skeert of a lil' bit o' sparkle...

it'll all match my new shoes.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where there was MORE fun in the box... wait 'til you see!  In the meantime...


Thank You Judi!!! Ya'll will all see me coming at Zapp Hall... sparklin' shoes, sparklin' shirts... I'm sure I'll find and add more sparkles...
bring your sunglasses.
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