Monday, September 12

it's time to celebrate - part 3

"red.neck Glam"...

ya'll were here when Mama Debinator dubbed it "red.neck Glam". If not, "red.neck Glam(story here) is all about some Duct Tape, Pearls and Sparklin' Thangs... can you get better than that? Why... YES! You can!!!  It comes in the form of:

I am SEW excited because Leslie and her fabbbulous Retreauxgirl Repurposed Jewelry creations are going to be my special guest at Zapp Hall!

Get one Here!
Even better than that?! Leslie is throwing a piece of Retreauxgirl AWESOMENESS in to "THE box"... just for YOU!

Yep - not ONLY will you get the chance to win a lil' piece of "red.neck Glam" BUT you could win a Retreauxgirl necklace too! It's Leslie's birthday today... we should sing really LOUD to her... maybe have some banjo's and cowbells as our band equipment.

Whatcha' think... feelin' lucky?

I will take all comments from each "celebrate-late-with-me" post and ALL comments will be entered to win - you are going to get SEW many chances because your name goes in for each comment you leave!!!

Tell your friends about the fun over here (then tell me) and you get TWO chances to win per post that you share!

New follower? Tell me and I'll welcome you as soon as I throw your name in the duct tape roll twice for the the post you taped yourself on to!

So far in the box we have: a pocketbook and some SUDZ...

Now we're adding in some red.neck Glam and some Retreauxgirl AWESOMENESS...

It's a big box... and there's still MORE to go!!! Be sure and enter to win!!!  ALSO!  I would LOVE to welcome my new followers!!!  We keep it fun over here in the 'hood - I promise!  A BIG THANK YOU to everyone that is posting the "box of fun'" on your blog! I bet there's some special duct tape 'round here for ya...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where you REALLY don't want to miss seeing Retreauxgirl's FUN in the red.neck Chic tent!!! That's if there is anything left... I've already spied about 50 things I want from Leslie out of her Retreauxgirl Repurposed Jewelry hanging from around my neck, dangling from my wrist... hanging from my earlobes...
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