Friday, September 16

it's time to celebrate - part 6

"Thunderbird Linens".

Pretty much every state - every town - has a Thunderbird Motel that is a throw-back from another time... and most times you drive by it and you think - AUGH! It looks so "ick" and seedy... REALLY bad horror movieish!

Then - your mind wanders and you have visions of Norman Bates and the shower scene from Psycho...

And you want to stay there so that you can say you have spent the night in the seediest, cheesiest, B-Rated motel - survived Norman and his Mama - and got a T-shirt... knowing the whole time that the only way you will stay there is if you bring your own linens.

1 red.neck + a highly overactive imagination = "Thunderbird Linens".

"Thunderbird Linens" is... anything bed/bath/house linen related:

And... anything else I can get my hands on linen wise and add some "chic" to! Wanna win a dish towel?

I'm taking all comments from each "celebrate-late-with-me" post and ALL comments will be entered to win - you are going to get SEW many chances because your name goes in for each comment you leave!!!

Tell your friends about the fun over here (then tell me) and you get TWO chances to win per post that you share!

New follower? Thank You! Tell me and I'll welcome you as soon as I throw your name in the duct tape roll twice for the the post you taped yourself on to!

I've got one waiting for you!

But can be used in the same room as the kitchen sink!
So far the BIG giant box has... a pocketbook, some SUDZ, some Glam, a piece of Retreauxgirl AWESOMEness,  a Saddle Tramp shirt... and a partridge in a pear tree. Oops - I mean - some red.neck Lip Grease... and there's more to come... still. Big box.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm starting to load up for Zapp Hall! I'll be right next to the Trash Talkin' Diva (Yay!!!) and her Cat Daddy (who's turning 21!)... you'll know me by my duct tape! I'm not finished with ANYTHING really... but I'm loading... and finishing...
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