Tuesday, September 13

it's time to celebrate - part 4

"Saddle Tramp"

I can't take credit for thinkin' up "Saddle Tramp". Awning Guy (across the street from my pay-my-bills-job) made the mistake of wanderin' over one afternoon while I was thinking "re-Fashion".

He smirked and said, "call it Saddle Tramp"...

then he kept talking - I quit listening - and the logo was born about 3 minutes later.

He then talked about royalty checks and percentages, blah - blah - blah... but I had quit listening.

"Saddle Tramp" is Fashion at it's Finest. Re-cycled/Re-worked/Re-fashioned/Re-allkindsofthings. You know me best for my shirts...

but "Saddle Tramp" also includes hats and skirts - jackets and vests - and... anything else that sits still long enough for me to put my "tramp stamp" on it.

Want a new shirt for your Fall/Winter wardrobe? You know how it goes by now, right? If you're visiting for the first time - here you go:

I will take all comments from each "celebrate-late-with-me"post (listed at the top of my sidebar!) and ALL comments will be entered to win - you are going to get SEW many chances because your name goes in for each comment you leave!!!

Tell your friends about the fun over here (then tell me) and you get TWO chances to win per post that you share!

New follower? Tell me and I'll welcome you as soon as I throw your name in the duct tape roll twice for the the post you taped yourself on to!

Let's see...
in the BIG box so far we have... a red.neck Chic pocketbook, some red.neck SUDZ, some red.neck Glam - THE MOST AWESOME necklace from Leslie aka: Retreauxgirl Repurposed Jewelry and now... a "Saddle Tramp" shirt (I'll get your size when you win!). Tomorrow? Who knows. But - there's more...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I have metallic silver spray paint all over my feet - some ebony wood stain under my nails, and a smudge of apple red spray paint on my cheek that I'm trying to pass off as blush... only a few days left 'til I'm Zapp Hall bound... yikes!
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