Monday, December 6

big cheesy grin...

Did ya miss me?  I missed YOU!!!

I want to thank EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU that sent me emails, texts and/or called me over the past week!  Your concern for my absence is SOOOOOOO much appreciated!!!  Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Despite my firm belief that Duct Tape can fix all things... I had some surgery last Wednesday and I'm here to tell ya - when they say it's gonna hurt a little bit, they mean it.  There.  There's your wisdom for the day.  LOL

Here is what I learnt myself while MIA:

Day time television will kill ALL of your brain cells.

The cat REALLY DOES sleep all day!

The mailman TOTALLY jams at the highest volume level to Leonard Skynard.

It's fun to wave at all red.neck neighbors while they leave for work in the morning. *snicker*

There is not any action on my gravel road after the red.neck neighbors leave... 'cept for the jammin' mail guy.

Rachel Ray kind of made me want to cook - but the "I Shouldn't Be Alive" show on the Discovery channel made me re-think the whole cooking thing.

There is a great deal to be said about staying in your jammy pants all day long.... and I'm wondering why my happy monkey jammies don't have any street cred. Perhaps if I had ANY of these sets from anthro I could have a new work wardrobe.... hmmmm....

My cat sleeps ALL DAY.

I can sleep all day.... I should be a cat.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I am now back in action... what have YOU been up to?) hee-hee
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