Monday, December 20

Dear Santy Claus.

How much is that cardigan in the window...

The one with the pretty sparkly trim?

How much is that cardigan in the window...

I do hope that cardigan is for sale!

I must make a trip to Athens...

And not leave that GORGEOUS cardigan alone!

Have you driven through Athen's lately?  Is this not a brake-slammin' couple of windows?

I missed the Christmas party at Winnie &Tulula's a couple of weeks ago - but this is what I saw gleaming (and calling my name) in the night! The Trash Talkin' Diva and her handsome side-kick, Debbie and THE Cat Daddy, outdid themselves on this gorgeous window!!!  And Liz and Fran?

Ohhhhhhhh FaLaLa!  I just giggle and grin when I think of those two beautiful ladies! And you KNOW I am chompin' at the bit to wander through the store and see what Margo has in her stash of goodies!!!

If you haven't completed all of your Christmas shoppin' Santy... I'll take that cardigan!!! Heck... and the TuTu - I need a new Christmas outfit!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm thinkin' I have some silver sparkly shoes that would look great with this...) hee-hee
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