Tuesday, December 28

Jessica's Miracle.

Ya'll know me... and you know I don't do this very often - but this is important.

Jessica's Story.

"After a couple of weeks of Jessica not eating well, Jessica’s mom, Chandra, became worried. Jessica's stomach felt bloated and Chandra felt it was due to constipation. After a visit to their doctor on the morning of December 21st, they were immediately sent to the hospital for more tests. After a few hours their worst nightmare was confirmed; sweet little Jessica had cancer. That evening, Jessica, her parents, and her baby brother Jacob were on a flight from St. George to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City..."

For the remainder of Jessica's story - go here.  And for updates - go here.

I do believe in Miracles. I do believe in the Power of Prayer.  And I do believe in the power of many heads bowed and many hearts lifted in Prayer.

;-D  Love and big hugs of Thanks, Robelyn
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