Thursday, December 30

My Resolutions...

10. I will never tow another car using pantyhose and duct tape.

9. I will vacuum all black velvet paintings that hang in the single-wide.

8. I will continue to support the only two food groups: beef jerky and moon pies.

7.  I will take my Christmas tree and all lights down before April.

6.  I will refrain from catching bugs and throwing them in the bug zapper on movie night.

5.  I will upgrade my fancy guest towels to read, "Best Western" instead of "Property of Motel 6"

4. I will mow my yard so I can find my car and I will quit referring to the duct tape on it as "chrome".

3. I will no longer try to befriend and bathe the fluffy black and white kitties that live in the 'hood.

2. I will remove the 3 refrigerators from my front porch and I will delete "tick removal" as one of my many talents from my resume.

1. I will refrain from showing my belt buckle when asked to see my ID.

What are YOUR resolutions?  Let's see who can stick to 'em the longest...
(my fingers mighta' been criss-crossed on some of these... here kitty kitty kitty...)
Have a Safe and Happy and Sparkly (oh... I also resolve to not light the fireworks in the single-wide...) New Year!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm so Thankful for a New Year to be spent with YOU!!! ) hee-hee
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