Tuesday, January 24

I have a crush.

It's a BIG crush. One of those *tee-hee-hee* giggly,

gettin' all tongue-tied,

I would blush (aka: turn bright red) and proll'y quit breathing if he ever looked at me,


I have a crush on Jonathan Adler...

I go bananas for anything Jonathan Adler.

I keep thinking I'm going to outgrow it... but... no. Year after year I'm still crushin'.

I see his fun stuff and awesomeness and consider being his stalker...

starting with being all secret/sly/stalkerish and spending a few weeks days hours in one of his stores. Have you ever been to one of his stores?

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where some day the ohsotalented Mr. Adler is going to decide he needs a single-wide in his "I've created this masterpiece" portfolio... hee-hee

all of the photos are from when I went on a wild pinning spree this morning (here)... I've lost my MAKE SOMETHING FANTASTIC NOW mojo and my crush might have it. (Do you think that reason would hold up in court when I'm asked why I'm stalking Jonathan Adler? "But Judge, sir... he has my mojo.")
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