Tuesday, January 3

the ugly truth.

WARNING: This is not a pretty post. BE PREPARED!!!

I spent the first days of 2012 cleaning out my storage room. You know... the room in every house that becomes the hub/stashing place/floor-to-ceiling pile-up for all things... and I mean - ALL things.

I cleaned... I cleaned some more...

and... I have more to clean. Believe it or not, these are NOT the "before" pictures... nor are they the "in-the-middle-of" pictures...

these are the "as it stands right now" pictures after three days of moving stuff, moving more stuff, getting rid of stuff, burn pile stuff... I forgot I had carpet in there. I even thought I had lost my cat in there and was skeert he wouldn't come out alive.

And no, I REALLY can't believe I'm showing you these pictures. But... *shrug*... I'm a storage room disaster. That is the ugly truth. Even worse? This isn't even the whole room...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I would think I was a hoarder if I didn't actually USE this stuff and/or have the ability to get rid of it. *giggle* What did you do for your New Year's week-end? Aren't you glad you weren't in my hood? I woulda put you to work. Oh, wait! I still can!!! What time should I be expecting you? hee-hee
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