Tuesday, January 17

prime real-estate.

Real-estate is a hot commodity in the single-wide.

And... since I'm embracing the fact that I'm a stacker/piler/layerer (thank you Janet!)...

I'm ALSO embracing the fact that only a small portion of my dining table gets used. Chili dogs only take up so much room.

Since the back 40 was just piled layered with whoknowswhat I'm putting it to work.

While I was cleaning the storage room I found my laptop buried under piles of... well... stacks LAYERS and thought, "oh - HEY! I've been needing that!"

I stack, I pile, I layer... I use my lap top and not all of my dining real-estate. I've got my laptop - a gooseneck lamp (the older I get the more light I seem to require!) and a big comfortable, cushy chair. It all makes perfect sense now... 'cept maybe my apparent fascination with tea cups.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm trying to find the perfect piece of "interesting" for that corner. I had "eat" up there in giant channel letters but they have since moved on... hmmm.....

P.S. A couple of fun facts: The tray in the middle is a birch tray that the red.neck Step-Daddy made for each family for Christmas and the wire rimmed glasses are some that Jill - the CEO and mastercreativemind of Jill Ruth & Co. made and sent to me!
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