Thursday, January 12


I'm throwin' in the hat.

After three more attempts at creating "THE hat" this is what I've ended up with.

Yes, the end result is reminiscent of the first go-round. And I like it! I made this one out of a beautiful piece of ivory wool suiting. I'll be as snug as a bug in a hat.

I'm gonna now ignore the "thisisSEWnotright" towering hat pile that has built up on one table in my laboratory - all different shapes, styles and colors - and make another one of these in black...

just so that I have one to wear with each coat that I have. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a coat fiend? It's true.

This one from The Vintage Square is on my radar. I don't have a black one and I have a "thing" for big shiny buttons on vintage coats. Well... really... I have a thing for big shiny buttons period.

On another note: here's my kid. I found this picture while digging through my camera card and my heart went all mussssshhhhhhy like a Mama's heart does when she sees her towering man-child.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... yeah, I've sprung myself from the laboratory and I'm back in the single-wide surfing around to see if I can find "THE hat" on line so I can own it. Have you seen it anywhere?
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