Thursday, January 19

it's been established...

that i'm just not right, right?
i mean, you know this about me already, right?

well. last night i'm in my new "photo lab" (aka: storage room that had 3 extra square feet of prime real-estate) taking photos of my new clutch design/pattern: "aud.rey".

i decide i need a hand as a prop.

do you remember how i murdered the "very tall woman"?

exhibit A: here.
exhibit B: here.

uhmmm... i grab her arm with her hand miraculously still attached from under my bed and i think:

self: "this works"

other self: "this does work, but she has some serious road rash"

self: "that's okay 'cause I'm a red.neck and stuff happens"

other self: "it doesn't look healthy... her hand does not look healthy"

self (starts laughing and then cry-laughing then has to sit down from the cry-laughing that is happening)

"i could call it the DEATH CLUTCH"

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where yes indeedy i'm watching for the white suit coat company to come take my measurements. do you think if I list "aud.rey" in my Etsy store as the "death clutch" she will sell?

disclaimer: i'm not normally this morbid, so don't be skeert. i DO have mannequin parts under my bed. again, don't be skeert...
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