Wednesday, June 1

captain's log

Stardate: 64917.6
(I found a link that translates today's date as a Trek date... how cool is THAT?!)

I finally picked a name for Ms. ""!  Thank you EVERYONE for your suggestions - you know we're going to be doing it again!!! May I present to you:

Leah with Plainview's (and also the CEO of a TOTALLY rockin' Etsy store!) comment caught my eye. I have 3 nieces - and an Uncle... and one of the nieces calls the Uncle, "Uncle Cotton Picker". Don't ask me why...

Did I tell you that this past fall was the first time (that I can remember) that I drove through fields of cotton?  I wanted to go off-roadin' in the worst way... but since I was in a different state I figured I had better not. I have this "affliction" (or as Mama Debinator says, "Squirrel Moment") that causes me to drive along through the Mississippi/Arkansas/Louisiana Delta paying absolutely no attention to the road - but gawking at cotton fields, crop dusters, burning fields (where NO I didn't start the fire!!!), very large tractors and catfish farms... miles and miles of catfish farms.  Who knew catfish had their own farms?!

In other news - yesterday morning I found this guy in my dog's yard.

And last night the Resident Teen came strolling up with his sister... who could be his twin.  Need a dog?  I have two cute ones - just holler and I'll meet up with you for the hand-off!

Let's see... what else... I lost a follower last night!  Gained a dog - lost a follower!

I always wonder, "was it something I said? Something I didn't say?  Did they quit blogging? Was it the Orangutans that skeert them? Do they need a roll of duct tape and stepped out to grab some?"... these things leave me with burning questions!!!  In order to ease the pressure and the crazy debates between the people in my head, I will ask you this:

Have you signed up for my giveaway?  Don't forget - it's in honor of YOU!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm signing off... gonna go outside and play in the sun - work on my freckle collection... what info are you filling your captain's log with today? hee-hee
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