Friday, June 3

primed and ready...

The other day while in the paint store I was talking to my paint guy. Yes, I have a paint guy... my home away from home is the paint store.

the 60+ year old finish is leaving...
Paint guy convinced me that I needed to use a different primer than what I normally stock up on...

not a paid advertisement... LOL!
I don't like it. At all. It dries WAY tooooooo fast.  I started at the back of my couch arm and by the time I went back to correct my brush stroke (meaning... seconds later...) it was already halfway dry - meaning... I have more brush strokes showing with EDGES than I've ever had in my painting life.  And, it almost has a chalky vibe to it which left me with my eyebrow raised.

Maybe for a project that is straight across and flat,  that doesn't have some turned spindles and round legs... maybe.

This week-end is couch painting week-end (after I sand it down and go back to my tried-n-true primer (Kilz)), puppy sitting week-end (don't you need one of the most-darling-little-puppies-that-ever-was?), and generally cleaning up. Oh - and I started on my kitchen cabinets last night too - think.... stainless steel appliance paint. *big cheesy grin goes here*

i do believe i will!
What kinda' trouble are you getting in to? Have you ever used this primer before? If you're not TOOOOOOO busy I have an extra paint brush... and you can draw the winner for my giveaway!!!  Have you thrown your name in the paint bucket yet?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide that will be sportin' a turquoise couch before Sunday...hee-hee
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