Wednesday, June 8

oh, bee inspired...

Have you met Heather?

I first found Heather in her Etsy store while adopting this beauty:

mine, mine, mine...alllllllll mine!
and now I'm her stalker. (I'm cool and stealthy like that...)

available here
Because I found her blog.  ;-D

available here
I'm now eye-ballin' this (look down... but don't want it 'cause I do and I'll arm wrestle you for it...) Happy Daisies = Happy red.neck!

it just screams my name - hear it?
All of it... gorgeous!!!

available here
You should go visit Heather...

you will BEE oh so inspired - heck, stalk her even... but will you please leave me the happy daisies?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...heehee
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