Thursday, June 23

this and this and that

I had a "saddle tramp" shirt that needed short sleeves...

Sew... I cut the sleeves off. Then:

I had a dish towel that was opening a twitter account needed some birds...

"the Mama" flew off with the dish towel... now it's in her nest!

Then I had some pillow cases that needed some longhorns.

in case you wanna sleep 'til the cows come home. *snicker*

I still have a little of the shirt sleeves left. Hmmmmm..... what should I make next? Do you think I'm a scrap fabric hoarder? *pfft*

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm still trying to decide on a name for "Mrs. Fran.cis something-or-another"... what if I combined two of the names ya'll have offered up?... hee-hee
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