Friday, June 17

Things I've learned...

Things I've learned from my Dad:

All Ice Cream is eaten with a fork. No exceptions.
And! Ice Cream fixes everything. We solved many of life's problems sitting at the ice cream counter.

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Things I've learned from my Step-Dad:

How to doctor up my breakfast cereal with ice cream so that it's the breakfast of champions. (Ice Cream and Cereal. The two main food groups... he's very wise.)

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Things I've learned from my Grandfather:

Eat the Ice Cream as fast as you can before your Grandmother catches you.

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What valuable life lessons have you learned from the important men in your life?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where it's hotter than blue blazes in red.neck land... I'm holin' up in the single-wide with 10 different flavors of Ice Cream, a few boxes of cereal and the air conditioner.

Before I go in to lock down - I wanna wish all the Dads out there (biological ones - step ones... and the ones that got duct tape slapped on their forehead and found themselves owned by a kid) a Happy Father's Day week-end filled with ice cream, forks, breakfast cereal... and lots of laughs! hee-hee
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