Friday, August 6

is it fall yet?

Okay, so... yesterday I was on the hunt for some ice cream.  Still am.

Now - since dunking myself in the freezer a few thousand times (hasn't worked to beat the heat) - I'm day dreamin' the hottest hours of the day away!

What am I dreaming of?  Fall - Autumn - temperatures below 90 would work for me - boots and skirts and sweaters...

How many more days 'til Fall? 'Cause I'm nuts over these boots... and really - SERIOUSLY - the knee high ruffley ones NEED TO BE WEARING ME NOW!!!

I'm off to step into some trouble this week-end (it's a given, ya know?) - what are you doing to stay cool? Have a deeeeeeeeeeeeliciously cool week-end!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where the AC screams at me if I set it below 49)... hee-hee
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