Thursday, August 19


Here at my "sometimes-I-have-to-pay-some-bills" job we had a BIG truck BACK in to the shop awning!  Fun, right?  You would've THOUGHT I heard it happen when it did.... uh, no.

BUT!  I still giggle when I look at it now (shoulda heard me laughing this morning when I parked the duct tape mobile... LOL)!  Wanna hazard a guess as to how BIG the truck had to be that was backin' in?  And... this is just one portion of a WHOLE STRIP CENTER's worth of awning!  Good times, good times!  (I'm so easily amused, yes?)

Of course.... this all has me thinking about awnings... and so - I will share my thoughts (you're welcome *snicker*).  But in pictures 'cause I really have no valid thoughts yet this morning... I need more caffeine...

 Do you think that was a failed drive-by attempt?

Perhaps this is the warning sign for: "STOP!  Don't hit my awning!"

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head... lalalala

These could potentially be mistaken for red flags "hit me here... here... and here..."

This is just downright cool.

I think this is pretty... I wonder if the awning people would replace the 2 city block awning I already have with pepto pink?  Hmmmm....

I know:
I'll fix it MYSELF with my good ol' duct tape...

"We make a building beautiful when we stop for it, arrest the motion of thoughts, and linger with it, rather than merely using it." ~ Robert Sardello in Facing the World with Soul

Have you backed in to any buildings and/or awnings today?  heeeeeeeeee HA!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm hoping this post didn't leave you yawning like my awning...)... LOLOLOL
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