Tuesday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL Christmas Day full of friends and family - lots of grins and giggles...

and something really sweet!!!

Merry Merry Christmas!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I have my eyes on a pecan pie... yummmm...

Sunday, December 23

Jingle (PIRATED) Belles...

You know... very few (most 'specially myself!) can say it (OR sing it!) any better than Mama Debinator... so I'm pirating her post about the very first red.neck Chic Soiree... sing-a-long with me!!!

Crashing thru the house
Where's my ta-da list?

O'er the floors I go,
Swiffer in my fist.

Shoppers at the door,
slap some lipstick on.

What fun it is to play and browse
before the goods are gone.


Red.neck chic pocket-books,
Shopping all the way.

Oh what fun it is to buy


Saddle Tramps, spinach dip,
candles, cards and more!

Oh what fun it is to watch
stuff flying out the door!

A week or two ago
I thought that I'd be done.

Who cares about the dust?
C'mon let's have some fun!

Red.neck brought the goods.
I threw some hors d'oeuvres out.

What joy it brings to see my friends
primpin' all about!


Darlin' hats, gloves to match.
Hey, I saw those first!

Oh what fun it is to watch
Cat Daddy getting pursed.


Red.neck Glam, pecan tarts,
white trash in a dish.

Oh what fun it is to see
friends checking Santa's list!


Talking trash, buying gifts,
Making Christmas Day.

Oh what fun it is to host
   a Red.neck chic Soiree!


(Contact Jenn at Give Me Props for hosting information. Trust me...it's the hippest, coolest thing ever to hit the asphalt!)

I had SEW much fun!!! And - after I get over the shock of Christmas being only 2 days away - I'm ready to do it again! Perhaps next time I will get my OWN camera out of my car!!! Can you believe that?! Didn't even un-load it!!! Luckily Debbie pirated some pictures so that I could pirate some pictures...

Thank You everyone for your on-line support here and on Facebook - and Thank You to all of you CRAZY red.necks that came over to play!!!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm frantically making Christmas presents still... how's it going in your 'hood?

Monday, December 10


I can't believe it's already December. Geesh, I can't believe it's almost the MIDDLE of December! I could have SWORN it was still August!!! THAT could have a bit to do with the fact that this winter it's rarely been below 80 degrees...

We are just a couple of weeks away from Christmas! Oh Noooooo! I'm hoping that there IS a Santy Claus 'cause I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping and/or gift makin' yet!

Dear Santa,

If you exist, (I think you do!) I will send you my Christmas gift list along with addresses and just leave it all up to you. M'kay?

Love, Robelyn

I have Christmas decorations strung from here-to-there all the way through the single-wide and VERY LITTLE of that has found a home yet! Well, unless the middle of the floor counts as a home.

Dear Santa,

If you exist, (I think you do!) could you please send your Elves to finish spreading Christmas cheer through-out the single-wide?

Love, Robelyn

Wanna know what I've been doing instead of cleaning, shopping, decorating, making gifts, putting away, hanging, fluffing or glittering?

Gettin' ready for a Soiree.

You know how God sometimes lasso's you with his duct tape roll and drags you along so that you're where you're supposed to be - when you're supposed to be there? He did that to me a few years ago. You were with me - do you remember when we went to Winnie and Tulula's in Athens and met Debbie (aka: Talking Trash), her daughter Jenn (aka: Give Me Props), and THEN we fell head-over-heels in love in to the litter box for Kitty Cat Daddy(here's a memory refresher)

Well - who knew that 3 years later (almost to the day) I would find myself the topic of conversation between Mama Debinator and Jenn (or that I would have adopted myself another Mama and sister!) - and THEN have myself a REP?!

Yep - you read that right - I have a REPRESENTATIVE! That just makes me giggle...

And WHO KNEW that 3 years later (almost to the day) I would find myself preparing to pull the single-wide off it's cinder-blocks and start pullin' it in to YOUR 'hood?!

"...unexplained events become explainable when you realize it was the hand of God moving through your life helping you achieve success." (from "The Whisper of God")

So - though red.neck Chic Soirees were not in my 3 year business plan - THEY ARE NOW!!!

Just think about it: comin' to you LIVE from YOUR single-wide!

 noun \swä-ˈrā\
Function: noun
: an evening party or social gathering 

All things red.neck Chic spread out alllllllll over your home for you, your friends and your family to play with! All things fashion. home. life. spread out alllllllll over your home for you, your friends and your family to play with and take home to THEIR house - or keep in your own home!

Imagine a group shopping trip...in the comfort of your living room. (Think of yourself as the CEO of Bloomingdales or Neimans!) No need to go to the boutique...the boutique comes to you! Soaps, candles, towels, pearl-snap shirts, jewelry, pocketbooks (and more pocketbooks), greeting cards... the list goes on and on and on and is continuously growing...  THEN! Your friends and family can host their OWN red.neck Chic Soiree and have even MORE things to play with! Everything I do is one-of-a-kind sew there is no tellin' what will come from my brain and out through my fingers at any given moment, everything is "re.po'd, re.cycled - re.defined"... do you realize how much fun this is going to be?! No Soiree will EVER be the same! Geesh... the red.neck WORLD will never be the same! hee-hee

"...unexplained events become explainable when you realize it was the hand of God moving through your life helping you achieve success." (from "The Whisper of God")

Sew- where is the first Soiree and when? Where else other than at Casita de Trash with Mama Debinator and Jenn hostessing! And it's this Friday! I can't decide if I'm freaking out - super excited - skeert to death - or none of those things because who has time to THINK when I'm s'posed to be sewing and making great things?! Crazier than that - word has it that I've got another appearance to make in January booked already!

What an amazing gift God continues to re-gift me... life and the ability to revel in each second of it. A brain that doesn't stop creating things, then fingers that have the ability to make my creations come alive.

Debbie, Danny and Jenn to wrap my duct tape around and call my own. Their unwavering faith in me... their belief and encouragement in all I do...

"For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide that I think Jenn cut the brake lines on when she pulled me off my cinder-blocks 'cause we're headin' out together on one HECK of a fun ride!!! Are you ready? hee-hee
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