Friday, October 29

locked and loaded

Do you know what tomorrow is?

Uh huh.  TOMORROW!  Do you know who's crashin' (and tramp stampin') "the Mindy's" par-tay?

ME!  I've been locked up in the "la.bor.a.tor.y" creating greatness - now I'm loaded up with ALL KINDS of fun fun fun to pile in The P when "the Mindy's" not lookin'!  I've got:


(attached to hand dyed slips... or I guess you could just wear the lace... hmmmm.....)


and some...

'cause all hats travel in lampshades, right? *snicker*


Okay. Maybe not a bale of hay... but DEFINITELY some Saddle Tramp fun stuff!!!

Then... let's see... I've got some...

and (this is my favorite)...

Yet ANOTHER pocketbook!  But you might want to beat me to this one... I really REALLY like it... a lot...

and... I'll be taking the

that I made while watching the hockey game taking place at the basketball court inside the bowling alley over yonder.

All of this (and SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more - wait 'til you SEE all of the quirky vintage goodness "the Mindy" has lined up for you!) will ALL be available to YOU tomorrow morning ('cept maybe the Slinky pocketbook.... I'm negotiating a deal with myself right this very second.) at 10am tomorrow morning - here:

inside Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch

Sew... am I gonna see you tomorrow?  I can't wait!!!  You'll know me...

I'll be the one with the duct tape.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wonderin' if I should wear this hat... or this one... or maybe this one...) hee-hee

Thursday, October 28

batta, batta, touch-down

I decided to join the State of Texas last night by tuning in to the World Series to watch the Rangers.

I had my Superbowl attire on of jammy pants and shirt with a happy monkey soccer player sportin' the number "3". I had my phone in hand so I could get answers to any and all questions I had about this sport called:

Me: "It's very hard to make it to the home base!  I never realized that!"

Response: "Yes it IS!!! Each base is 90 feet from the other..."
While I processed THAT information... two things occurred to me.
1.  That's a lot of feet and I am worn out just thinking about it.
2. How do they decide who comes out of pit row first?

Then I heard it... "du du du du du duuuuuuuuuuuum"

Me: "I wanna play the organ"

Me: "How do they know when to swing and when not to?  I'd so stink at this game."

Response:  "The batter has to know the strike zone... Horizontally, the ball has to cross over home plate... if it misses inside/outside, it's a ball... in addition to the pitching needing to be over the plate, the pitch needs to be at least knee-high and no higher than the batter's chest..."
I don't understand... I thought a strike was when all of the pins fell... and a miss was if the ball went in the gutter?

Me: "I'd be the one just happily swinging at all the balls coming my way. I would be so confused if I had to play baseball."

Me: "What is an RBI?"

Response: "RBI = Run Batted In... a batter got a hit that allowed a base runner to score..."

Me: "Ah!  Why do they get to walk?"

Response: "Maybe the batter hit a home run... The ball went over the fence, so they don't have to run..."

One time I went to a baseball game in Houston at the Minute Maid Stadium.  It was SO cool how the roof opened up during the game!  A plane flew over... a bird flew IN... and I watched the clouds drift by - THEN when evening arrived I watched for falling stars!  It was so much more interesting than watching the football players slam dunk in to goalies with rackets on the green triangle down below... I think Ol' Miss was playing the Detroit Red Wings or something.

Me: "I still want to play the big organ in the baseball field"

I made a really cute hat while the Rangers were playing the Miami Dolphins at the hockey game last night.  How's the baseball thing going for you? Are you watching the World Series?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wondering if they sell hot dogs at the horse arena...) hee-hee

Wednesday, October 27


How to tell if your single-wide is haunted:

1.  A can of pork-'n-beans mysteriously floats through the air.
2.  Motor oil drips out of the simulated wood paneling. 
3.  The eyes on the velvet Elvis painting move.
4.  The room is spinning, and you ain't even doin' donuts in the desk chair yet.
5.  That car in your front yard ain't up on blocks -- it's levitating by itself...
6.  Your dog, Bo, gets sucked into the TV set, and he's blocking your view of rasslin'.

7.  That mysterious scratching below the floorboards? The Telltale Raccoon.
8.  The ghost don't believe in chain rattlin' but DOES believe in duct tape pullin'.
9.  The trailer is shaking, but there’s no tornado in sight.
10.  Your Nascar bed sheets have eyeholes cut in them.

11.  The ghost is completely invisible except for the moon pie stickin' out of its mouth.
12.  Mysterious footsteps seem to be stomping out “Ache Breaky Heart.”
13.  There's a funny howlin' noise comin' from the hay field -- no -- wait... that's Bubba.
14.  The lights turn on and off even though you paid the power bill.
15.  You hear blood-curdling screams, but all the neighbors are still in jail.

16.  You get a mysterious phone call that says, "I know what you did at the last NASCAR race."
17.  The folks on the Jerry Springer show discuss domestic problems that eerily resemble your own.
18.  You come home one day and it's clean and decorated for Halloween...

And... last but not least...
Instead of saying "boo" the ghost says "boo-ya'll!"

Now you know.  Do you have any candy corn? I love that schtuff...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm gonna be a lil' skeert if that thar jack-o-lantern on my front porch has more teeth than I do...) hee-hee

Tuesday, October 26


Mr. Flannery has struck again...

He made me open the Restoration Hardware catalog. (Again, what were you thinking?)

Last night I opened the catalog and was instantly awakened from my "i should be sleeping right now" stupor and emptied my piggy bank to see how many pennies I have saved.  I. WANT. THIS. CHAIR.

Turns out I don't have enough pennies (donations are currently being accepted...) but I DO have:

which... I'm all over the turquoise velvet - but am not a fan of the lines - or wood color - or... well, anything past the turquoise velvet (but it does make a great photo prop, right? ha!).  It's been sitting in my bedroom (that is not my bedroom) for about a year covered in pocketbooks. (Imagine that...)

What do you think?  I would skip the leather of the RH chair and leave the turquoise velvet. Does it look like it could support some "aluminum siding"? And... if so... how the heck do I do it?

The suggestion box is now open. And Mr. Flannery... geesh - you gotta quit inspiring me... 

(but he's watching - 'cause it's one of his favorites in the catalog too!)

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... hee-hee

Monday, October 25

bird brain.

Happy Monday Ya'll! Did you have a good week-end? I did... wanna know why?

'cause on FRIDAY I opened up a cardboard box full of guaranteed goodness!!! Now, we've already established that I am the girl that gets all gooey-eyed with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING sentimental and/or has a story to tell...

and... I've talked about my "Grammy" here and there.  Well, Grammy LOVED birds.  And the "annual" tea towels with dates and pretty pictures.  Heck - I remember when I was little that was one of the first things "the Mama" went on the hunt for to put in Grammy's stocking.  I mean, for Santa to put in Grammy's stocking.  oops...

One of my most special memories is that Grammy and I shared our birthday party... each and every year.  Pineapple upside down cakes, grins and giggles, "the Mama" used to make us matching shirts (not kidding!  it was FUN!) - didn't matter where I was or where she was - we found each other (even if by phone - and for awhile she had a party line so the neighbors were in for the fun as well) for our birthday party. Every August.

Imagine my joy and surprise (with a few "how did she knows?!" thrown in) and my gooey-sentimental heart tears when I opened my box up from Margo to find a tea towel tote bag inside!

was my Grandmother's favorite bird.  Did you know the cardinal reminds us to hold ourselves with pride - not ego pride. Rather, the cardinal asks us to stand a little taller, be a bit more regal, step into our natural confidence as if we were born to lead with grace and nobility. Nice to know, right?

THEN!  She decked it out with:

complete with surrounding HAPPY DAISIES (my favorite flower!) and - how did Margo know that the "e" on the back matched my Grandmother?

I think she's just cool like that. Wouldn't you agree? Not ONLY did Margo make me the greatest tote bag ever... but she THEN tucked in another surprise for me!

My very own - margoriffic letterpress pendant!  Uh huh... I know you're jealous - but you can go get one here in her Etsy store!

“Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

Thank You SEW much Margo... how did you know all the little BIG special things?!!?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where sometimes "the Mama" calls me bird brain - like when I accidentally burn things down.... or forget major little things like... well... i don't remember but I'm sure they were important.... pfffft) hee-hee

P.S. Don't forget to tell me how YOUR week-end went! Did you do fun things?!

Friday, October 22

The Lady is a TRAMP!

Did you know there is a "Saddle Tramp" line of fashion wear stuck to my duct tape roll? It's all re-cycled, up-cycled... red.necked up in some form or fashion (ha - that was punny)...

and it's getting bigger...

Saddle Tramp is not only available at the "Taj Mahal"... but I'm goin' to put my tramp stamp on "The Primitique" in a week for "The P's" grand openingOh yeah... think "The Mindy" is ready for my insanity? heeeeeeeHA! You should definitely plan on comin' to see what I'm messin' up with!

pffffft... and you thought I was just about pocketbooks. Ask me sometime about "SPLAT" fine dinin' or "steak-knife" jeans or "un.plugged" or "Thunderbird linens" or "u-turn"... *giggle*

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (what are YOU up to this week-end?  I'm gonna go be a tramp... a Saddle Tramp anyways...) hee-hee

Thursday, October 21


and though it's a balmy 90 sumthin' degrees outside I'd still curl up under this "Quirky Heirloom Throw" for the afternoon (with some fans and a couple of A/C's... I'm so geographically misplaced...)

Or maybe I'm just quirkyHmmm....

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wondering why Fall is being so illusive...) hee-hee
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