Saturday, March 31

here i am!!!

I didn't forget about you - I promise!!! I am set up and sellin' at Zapp Hall in Warrenton, Texas! Gonna come see me?! You might catch a glimpse of the CAT Daddy and his Trash Talkin' Diva or you might see Retreauxgirl... or you might see Threadbare Soul... or you might see some barbed wire from Duct Tape and Denim... or you might see some duct tape wallets from FringeBoy...

or I'll show you my duct tape!!!

comin' to you LIVE from a cow pasture!!!
;-D  Robelyn

Saturday, March 24

just a little glimpse...

in to how my mind works.

i had this chair:

and then i saw this picture in a magazine and was inspired:

and this is what happened:

i have no explanation. i had a white faux fur coat laid out... i had a leather skirt laid out... i even found some nail-head trim.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where sometimes I even  raise an eyebrow at how my brain works. What are you up to this week-end?

Wednesday, March 21

busy fishing feet and polka dots UPDATED

I'm getting ready for Warrenton/Zapp Hall and I'm staying:

Cutting and sewing, sewing and cutting, painting, packing, pricing... sewing and sewing and sewing, painting...

Several of my paint jobs are on hold until the flood waters go down. This is Texas... we go from extreme drought to flood warnings in the blink of an eye. Or... like a flash of lightnin'!

I won't admit to how much time I spent this morning looking for tad-poles in my front yard.  *smile*

My hands are really clean from making soap yesterday. As I was making the soap I wondered how they get the tiny seeds off of fresh strawberries so that I can put them in my soap. Yes, I could be a tad bit over-worked, but one does have to wonder... right?

I've taken my fair share of naps and side-trips in the middle of the bizzyness...

one was to the "Robelyn, you've been going so fast yer out of "make-it" supplies" store where they had some fun silk flowers:

because every girl has to have some polka-dots in her life (and these are the only kind of flowers I can grow.).  *snicker*

Now - after spending the morning at the Dr's office with the "resident teen" who woke up in the middle of the night with a stinging foot that has turned purple and red and is swollen up like a blow fish (we're waiting on x-rays right now)...

Edited to add: The x-rays came back and there are no broken or fractured toes! So... he's on 10 days of antibiotics aka: HORSE PILLS (good GRIEF they are HUGE!) and we're watching to make sure the bruising goes away and streaks or any other weird toe things don't happen!

I'm going to sew and paint and create and package and price SEW fast it's gonna look like I have electricity runnin' through my feet.


comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where yeah... I realize the foot lamp is slightly uhmm... crazyinsanemorbidcertifiable... different... but it's TOTALLY giggle worthy at the same time. LOLOL

p.s. if you aren't busy right now i'll take your help... we can discuss all of the ways they might get tiny strawberry seeds off of fresh strawberries and i'll pay you in soap, feet, purses... rain water... whatever you would like. *big cheesy grin*

Friday, March 16

mary, mary, quiet contrary...

How does your garden grow?

Mine doesn't (and I really don't think that stealing "the Mama's" car and driving through gardens counts).

BUT! I have a deep appreciation for those of you that are gifted with green thumbs and in Warrenton I will provide you with some of the tools you need to make your magic happen.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I can grow dust on silk flowers and plants... does that count? Oh WAIT! I DO have a green thumb!! But it's from spray painting things for the past week... and the green is mixed in with hot pink, yellow, lipstick red, turquoise, duct tape silver...

Tuesday, March 13

Funky FUN!

the land o' duct tape and red.necks... complete with the ever-present 12.5" fringe bags!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Yesterday was all about un.loading and un.packing from the Funky Finds Spring Fling... if I didn't see you there - I SEW wish I had!!! It was FUN!!!  I tell ya... Joe and Jessica - the CEO's and master-minds of Funky Finds - are two of the best and their shows are my favorite to do. I never drive home without a smile on my face!

Talk about LOTS o' PEOPLE... it was a packed house on both days and I'm such a nerd that I took pictures first thing Saturday morning... then was so busy the rest of the week-end I forgot about my camera! But... I will tell you - I got to hang out with some of my favorites!

First Up:

i stole this photo from Linda's facebook page! sssshhhhh.......

Linda Kinnaird Jewelry. (you can find her HERE!) I get tickled every time I get to visit with Linda... she has a FANTABULOUS creative mind and is an absolute JOY to visit with. Guess what... you didn't miss your chance to meet her... she will be at the Petticoats on the Prairie show this week-end in Waxahatchie! I think I'm going to go harass her again myself...

And, YAY! Again this show I was right across from Sheryl of ReWind Art Studios!

There is so much trouble Sheryl and I could get in to... she's incredibly fun to have as a neighbor - and talent? Good grief she has it... can you imagine the patience and thought that goes in to each mosaic piece?!

Then I got to chat with the cutest lil' Texas gal you will ever see! Ashley of:

I stole her blog header... ssssshhhhh......
Ashley was there with her GORGEOUS sparkles and slips... I didn't get around the corner with my camera, but I will show you what I walked away with last fall:

it's one of my favorite bracelets to wear! Don't worry - you still have a chance to catch up with Ashley and her posse at Petticoats on the Prairie this week-end... and I'm so excited - she's going to come visit me at Zapp in a couple of weeks! You'll know ME by my to-die-for bracelet - and Ashley (and her mother!) by her signature red.neck Chic fringe bag!

ya'll come back now...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I am duct taped to the sewing machine... Zapp Hall/Antiques Week/Warrenton is just around the corner.... yikes!!! What are YOU up to?!

Friday, March 9

i'm taking my men...

and heading to Ft. Worth... it's Funky Finds Spring Fling SET-UP DAY!

I have my army of men ('cause a girl can ALWAYS use some extra hands!)...

some pocketbooks...

you should see her in person... layers and layers of lace... sparkles and pearls... velvet... 12.5" suede fringe... i want to keep her!
and... let's see what else... I have some concrete and some dish towels and some shirts that have been Saddle Tramp stamped and some of the always present duct tape and pearls and some more pocketbooks and some SUDZ (so those shirts can be warshed!) and some red.neck Glam and some lip grease (pucker up baby!) and some more concrete and some note cards and some more sparkles and some lamps and some more pocketbooks... I don't think I've overlooked one detail!

Oh - WAIT!

*drum roll please...*


you should see the back of her (of course i don't have a photo!)... more velvet and lace and an old-school cameo and more leather... did i mention 12.5" suede fringe? I WANT TO KEEP HER!

I'm loaded up and marchin' out!

comin' to you LIVE from Funky Finds Spring Fling where did I mention I have concrete? I do. And some cardboard... even a few pizza boxes... you should come see... really... you should, because how does all of that tie in with the lacy/leathery/creamy/ruffley piece of perfection up there that I REALLY WANT TO KEEP?!?! Oh, and some army men! Sumbodee has gots to keep me outta trouble... hee-hee

Monday, March 5

an army of men...

*geesh* Get yer mind out of the gutter...

They make cute necklaces! I'm going to have some at Funky Finds Spring Fling... need me to save you a man?

Day 4 of the "Photo-A-Day" challenge was "bedside"... so I cleaned one side of my bedroom for you. *smile*

By my bed I have a:


because you can't have tooooooo many sparkles. Two of the above bracelets are from Ann, the master-mind behind Duct Tape and Denim. At Funky Finds I will have the REST of the awesome creations I sweet talked her out of! The other bracelet is my charm bracelet that "the Mama" started for me years ago... it is so much fun to watch it grow over the years!

Continuing on with the sparkle fest...

you can fill your world with glitter too! Just light up a globe (this one was half dead) with a pendant light kit, then get your glue and your glitter...

and glitter... and glitter... and glitter..

then spray it with a clear gloss finish!

It's the red.neck version of a disco ball.

All of the bedside magic happens on top of some cinder blocks. Because it's fun! And I'm a redneck!

The accent wall in my bedroom is painted with black chalkboard paint, then my bed (that my Grandfather built!) is high-gloss black. I have a few matelasse coverlets (1 as a box spring cover... all purchased from "the Mama" (that means: she didn't know I have them all until now...)) and a GORGEOUS crocheted afghan with every. single. color. in. the. rainbow.

Today the photo challenge is:

The resident teen makes me smile!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where yes: only 1 side of my bedroom is clean. no: I don't normally make my bed. yes: the army men DO always sleep there 'cause if I put them in the laboratory I'd never find them again. hee-hee

Saturday, March 3

day 3.

Kristi (my dear sweet wonderful friend, Sister from another mother... that continuously gets me in to trouble 'cause she's more of a hoodlum than I am...) the CEO and master-mind over at Junkology 101, got me all fired up to be a part of Fat Mum Slim's "Photo A Day" challenge.

Well... uhmmm.... I didn't realize that it was March until after I had missed a couple of days! So this month I will show you my world through my eyes every so often!

There wasn't much of a fence between this guy and the nerd (who oddly enough has the same color hair as the bull does) holding the camera... so this is as close as my lens would get me. I'm crazy... just not "get a lil' closer" crazy.

And he was looking at me.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where Funky Finds Spring Fling IS a pet friendly event... think this guy walks on a leash? *mooooooo*

p.s. Cedar Chest Antique Mall is one of my FAVORITE places to shop and I spent some time there today!!! Wait 'til you see all of the FUN that is in there!!!

Thursday, March 1

it's almost time...

Funky Finds Spring Fling... I have 9 days left to sew, price, make stuff, price, sew... what am I going to wear... sew, make stuff...

And I am excited! I can't wait to haul along everything I've been making! Will I see you there?

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where my sewing machine can't keep up with my brain. Or, is it me that can't keep up with my brain? Hmmm.... I could have a new reality show: "red.neck brain gone wild..."

P.S. When I get back it's gonna be time to sew some more and load up for Zapp Hall... or to quote the infamous trash talkin' Mama Debinator: "The Greatest Show on Dirt"! Are you busy? ;-D
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