Tuesday, October 30

haHA! pffffft... hmmm... whoohoo!

FYI - when i type "pfffft" i make the "pfffft" noise along with my typing of the "pfffft" noise and then i crack myself up...

SO easily entertained... (pointing at myself).


Yesterday I got a box in the mail from my FAVORITE Hillbilly redneck that lives in the wrong state! Or maybe I live in the wrong state...

I opened the box, pulled a piece of burlap out of the top and then...

SEW many patches fell out - and MORE fell out... then EVEN MORE fell out and then I FELL OUT laughing!!! Kim - you are absolutely PRICELESS - you know that, right? I laughed so hard - threw some in the air and let them rain down on my head... started reading some of the names and giggled 'til my sides hurt!!! With your aidin' and abedin' I figure I'm going to go in to the "new identity" business with my pearl-snap shirts serving as a passport! Or a calling card!

Need an Alias? come see me.
Going in to Witness Protection? i can hook you up.

Wanna be Floyd? Eddie? Bob? Rocky? Daryl? Take your pick - because of Kim, I can fix you right up!


When I was pulling scraps of velvet and cut-velvet and laying them all out on my cutting table, it went through my mind and out of my mouth that perhaps I was done with the cut velvets. Then I finished this pocketbook...

now I want to keep it. Annnnddddd.... I think I'm not done playing in the velvet. pfffffft...


I designed a new purse pattern! A super simple cross-body bag...

and am fresh out of names for her! The floor is now YOURS!!! Any suggestions?


I'm gonna be rolling my duct tape up the highway to Arlington sew that I can wreak some red.neck havoc at the Junk Hippy Roadshow!

I'm gonna take some junk... some more junk... and allllllllllllllllllllll of the other things that come out of my head! Am I in a panic? yes.

It's less than 2 weeks away!!! My morning coffee mantra is, "I can do this. I can do this. I can do this." then I run out in to the lab.or.a.tory and make great things! Then more coffee... then more great things... then more coffee...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where you KNOW I'm on a pearl-snap shirt roll now thanks to Kim... who do you want to be today? hee-hee

Have a Happy Happy Halloween - save me some candy! I'm SERIOUSLY craving some of those little Milky Way bars! And some Gummy Worms!!! bwoooohahahahaha

p.s. I am now done making funny noises (i AM always laughing though)... carry on. ;-) xoxo

Monday, October 22

where is red.neck Chic?

*** WARNING ***

grab your coffee 'cause i am feeling EXTREMELY talkative and i would LOVE IT if you stayed and spent some time with me!!!

we will steal Cat Daddy's chair.

first: i know... i know... i have become the most HORRIBLE of informants... i should proll'y have my "i will tell you things" license revoked IMMEDIATELY!!!

i've become the red.neck version of Waldo... but instead of being lost in a crowd of people - i'm lost in a pig sty la.BOR.a.tory full of fabric and duct tape and pocketbooks and memory cards containing a million photos (half of which are Cat Daddy sightings) and greeting cards and jewelry and dish towels and pearl-snap shirts and soap and candles and odd pieces of furniture... and all kinds of fun junk sitting around waiting for me to "red.neck" it up... plus a few other things i'm probably purposely forgetting about... PLUS a few great and fun things rattling around in my brain waiting to come out!!! it took me TWO HOURS last night to clean off 3 square feet of my cutting table! craziness!

for the record - that whole entire long notgrammaticallycorrect last sentence is not a complaint!!! ('sides. i'm not known for being grammatically correct ANY time. or schpealling corectly fer that madder.)

thrown in the mix for fun - i have been spending a lot more time at The Hillsboro Antique Mall - either harasing customers or destroying - and then trying to FIX MY OWN DESTRUCTION - "red.neckville" which has grown up some more, and filled in/out A LOT more!

Kim and David, CEO's of City Farmhouse and Kristi (aka: Sugar Bear), CEO of Junkology 101/Checkered Past

then we have the man-child who is 18 and that means... well... not much has changed there except: football season has happened and i have to go grin and embarrass the man-child because i like to take a million and one pictures of him and he hates that.

i don't care. *click* *snap*

this past friday night he played the "Star Spangled Banner" for the football game with the "trombone quartet". the feeling of "mama PRIDE" that i felt while watching and listening was... indescribable.

take a week + out of all of that and plant me in a cow pasture with the two most AWESOME of people and i'm in red.neck HEAVEN!

speaking of - do you like the eye candy i'm throwing in to make you grin and swoon? it's all photos i took from Mama Debinator and Cat Daddy's space at Marburger.

I give you:

THEEEEEEEE Kitty Cat Daddy!!!

i got to spend a WEEK with Kitty Cat Daddy! better than that? i was ASSIGNED to Kitty Cat Daddy! you betcha I was doing the happy dance when Mama Debinator gave me THAT assignment!

i've talked about my Grandparents before - my Grandfather - and just how very important in my life my Grandparents were... what a difference my Grandfather made - and how much FUN we had!

well, though Cat Daddy isn't old enough to be my Grandfather (he and Mama Debinator (i think) just celebrated their 29th birthdays you know...), Cat Daddy reminds me SO MUCH of Grampy. which... is a wonderful thing in my opinion! I got that whole warm fuzzy feeling for a whole week!

Cat Daddy is a man of few words - but works hard - then grins and plays hard!

i like to just trail along behind him and watch how he does "engineering" work (meaning... it's amazing what Cat Daddy makes happen using cardboard and zip ties... or wire... or whatever he can get his hands on...) as we hung lights and curtains... picture frames and mirrors... naked people... all kinds of things!

he can cart furniture off like nobody's BUSINESS! things that I thought FOR SURE would not fit on the dolly DID and i was left thinking, "how did he do that?!"!

if you ask Cat Daddy about something - ANYTHING - he usually knows what you're asking about, some history behind it and how it works. mind you... some of it might be what HE thinks it is and how HE thinks it works - but, in my opinion, that makes it more fun - and it usually makes more sense!

cookie breaks. Those are a must - and they happen just as all cookie breaks MUST happen.

i learned how to screech around sharp corners like a world class stunt driver... while going 10mph.

Cat Daddy is patient... each morning (which in HIS opinion starts WAY earlier than when Mama Debinator and I think it should) he would just sit and wait for us to be ready to "get out on the job-site". that - right there - says a lot about him!!!

Vienna Sausage will - from here on out - be referred to as: "VYEENY WEENIES" and are always best when warmed up on the dash of the truck.

and THEN there is Mama Debinator! good GRIEF - she is crooked as crooked can GET!

when i set-up red.neckville on the road and in the antique mall - i am very linear in my displays. i adore multiples and simple groupings and line-ups of fun stuff. (could be a flashback from my jail day.. *shrug*)

Mama Debinator? nnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooo:

"turn it a little bit more"...

"hang this from that corner... no... angle it some more."

"i just had a brain fart..."

THAT statement always leads to climbing, doing some gymnastics and making things crooked.

by the end of the first day MY question was always: "is that crooked enough for you?"

let me tell you though... the Talkin' Trash space at Marburger was a magical land of fun junk, AWESOME junk, giggles and laughter, life lessons and wisdom... and coffee.

and crooked things.

Mama Debinator's space was as FABulous as she is!!!

for me? the whole week was absolutely priceless. i got to spend days and nights with two of the most important people in my life. (yes. i am bragging about that!) annnnnnnd i'm ready to do it again.

let's see... what else... oh - i got a part/time job. well, i won't really call it a JOB because...


I GET TO GO VISIT HONEY (i know, i know, you know all about Honey and how i stalk her like a crazed red.neck, but stay with me here!) 3 DAYS A WEEK!!! i am SO excited - THREE DAYS each week i get to lurk, loiter, soak in and LEARN in Honey's Home + Style... i get to puppy-dog Honey's footsteps and sponge up her wisdom - I GET TO PLAY WITH FABULOUS HOME PRODUCTS and BE SURROUNDED by ALL THINGS new and cutting edge - all things that make up Honey's STYLE!!!

for a red.neck with big dreams, goals and plans - this is such an AWESOME FABULOUS honor for me - and i can't stop grinning!!! i see great and fun things happening and all of this is going to be reflected in how "red.neck Chic" grows and matures and becomes all things funner! did i mention that i get to spend time in the MOST FABULOUS shop on earth with one of the MOST FABULOUS shop owners I know? oh - happy dance HAPPY DANCE!!!

i'm sure that there is a whole lot more i'm forgetting to tell you about, but i figure you're out of coffee (and you might be falling asleep in "the throne" because it is THAT comfortable!) and i think i just saw sparks flying out of my coffee maker... that REALLY can't be a good thing i don't think...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where i THANK YOU for being you and for sitting and visiting with me!!! you DO KNOW that YOU are super special to me and i promise - i'll get better at being an informant!!! right after i see why there are sparklers in my kitchen...


Friday, October 12


Janet (Talk Sweet Talk) had everything necessary to pin me... just wait 'til I show what else she had!

I'm pinned to my chair (when I'm not falling out of it) still editing photos of fun junk - FABulous displays - cRooKeD things - cows and flowers - a Kitty Cat Daddy...

all kinds of fun - just for you!!!

What are you up to this week-end? Fun things? Great things? Is it cold at your house? I've heard rumors that it's supposed to be Autumn. But... in my 'hood I think it's still Spring... or Summer... or Spummer...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where the air-conditioner is on and I keep having visions of the "crop box" in Photoshop in my sleep...

Monday, October 8

i survived!

Talking Trash and The CAT DADDY!

I am BACK from playing in the dirt with kitty Cat Daddy and Mama Debinator... in the middle of a cow pasture... for a week plus!!! Marburger Farm was SOOOO fun and SOOOO interesting that I now have 1,663 photos to edit.

And that's just on one memory card.

I had 3 memory cards out there with me.

I might be cross-eyed the next time you see me... but I will be inundating you with photos of great junk and fun stuff shortly!!!

What did you do while I was gone?

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I might film my own episode of "I Survived" after following Mama Debinator and kitty Cat Daddy around for a week!!!! good GRIEF!!!

hahahahahaha!!! (I wouldn't trade it for all the junk in the world!!!)

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