Friday, July 29

Let's Talk Duck Tape!

I always buy DUCT tape... duct tape silver. "The Mama" hooks me up with leopard print, chrome, hot pink... but I always use the regular ol' duct tape silver.

Last night I broke my own tape rule. For the first time. EVER.

Pink? With Polka Dots?

Speakin' of DUCT tape...

Have you entered to win?

I'm wanderin' to the junk yard Saturday at midnight to draw your name out of the tire!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm hopin' you have a WONDERFUL week-end full of polka dots, duct tape (or... DUCK tape), giggles and grins! hee-hee

Thursday, July 28

cookie pop!

I saw somewhere along the way "oreo cookie pops". I don't know where I saw them - but if you google "oreo cookie pop" you will come up with mad genius creative people alllllll over the world that have made them!

I'm not a genius. Or a chef... I can't even cook. But, I felt empowered last night and assembled the ingredients...

melted the melty candy stuff and dipped my stick in...

then put them in the freezer to harden for a minute.
Melted the melty candy stuff again, slathered the melty candy stuff on the stuck cookies then added some colored candy sprinkles...

put them in the freezer to harden. And.... voila'!

If I can make these - so can your kids! *big cheesy grin* And then! You can thank me as they run around like maniacs due to the sugar high!!!  You're welcome.

Have you signed up for my giveaway yet?  I have some duct tape, pearls and sparklin' thangs waiting...

for YOU!!!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm thinkin' these cookie pops are cute, but will my sweet tooth ever forgive me?! hee-hee

Wednesday, July 27

stylin' a giveaway!

I've been messing around with "styling" some red.neck Glam necklaces so I can get 'em on Etsy and my website...

You would think that duct tape under glass tells it's own story after throwing in the required pearls and sparklin' thangs...

but I apparently feel the need to red.neck it up even more by throwing in some tires and whatever else I can find.... then "styling" some more... and some more...

and so it goes.

Want one?  Leave me a comment by Saturday at midnight - I'll throw your name in the tire - and we'll see who leaves wearin' some duct tape! Tell your friends to come to the junk yard - have them mention your name - and I'll throw your name in the car pool TWICE!

I promise:

you will be Glam'n it up wherever you leave tire tracks (or go parkin') - you just can't go wrong with Duct Tape, Pearls and Sparklin' Thangs!!!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I skid you not... I wear my duct tape proudly... you should too... hee-hee

P.S. I'm thinking about changing my profession to "used car salesperson". But, I think it's just 'cause I want more tires...

Monday, July 25

i'm on the case.

Howdy!  How was your week-end?!

Sunday I went to Hillsboro Antique Mall to add some fun to the "Taj Mahal"...

I'm thinking now that I need to have a big sale 'cause the "Taj Mahal" is bursting at it's seams - and I have a whole lot more junk fun stuff to haul in there!

On my way out I "window shopped" in the display cases... investigated the goods.

And made a list. A very lonnnnnnnng list... a mile-long list...

of things that I would like to own out of the display cases.

Starting with this:

And ending with this:

'cause you know how I feel about the Happy Daisies. And color. Color, color, COLOR!!!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm wondering:

See anything that makes you scream, "I WANT THAT!!!"? I'm on the case. hee-hee

Friday, July 22

thank you.

Thank you to each and every one of you that listened to me vent yesterday then offered your advice, your support and your muscle.

YOU inspire me... and you also keep me out of trouble by putting me in lock-down in the la.bor.a.tor.y... THEN you listen to me ramble on about the things that come out of my head!

Sew - I Thank You!!!  And seriously... can you think of anything better than Happy Daisies to celebrate Friday and YOU?!


What are you going to do this week-end? I'm going to try and keep the cat out of the plant, sew something and take it easy... perhaps find some junk along the way!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... where the plant is going to have to re-locate to "the mama's"... plants generally don't even wait to die in the single-wide, they commit plantacide...

Thursday, July 21


I work really hard to bring new things to the table. New ideas... fresh creations... fun stuff and things that you can't imagine not having in your life.

My brain often times goes in to overload and I can't produce fast enough - talk fast enough, sew fast enough, draw fast enough or take pictures fast enough. Sleep often eludes me so that I can stay in my mad-lab on my quest to re.define red.neck style.

I do it for you - because of you. YOU are my customer, my cheering section, my muse... my inspiration. YOU inspire me to keep working towards my goal... because, in the end, I have a big dream for "red.neck Chic" and I'm trying to do all of the right things and make all of the right moves to make my dream come true. Duct tape and all.

I'm not out to re-invent the wheel and I will be the first to admit that. But, it just makes me so angry when someone walks off with my ideas, my creations, my branding, my marketing... my business name. Supposedly "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"... I don't buy into that 'cause this bites. I know I'm not alone - I know this happens to you.

How do you handle it? This is me searching for your wise words...

aka: red.neck Chic

P.S. Tree trimming guru is A-OKAY!!!

Wednesday, July 20

tree trimming 101

don't try this at home...

my shop (which is in a strip center) backs up to a lonnnnnnnnng street of homes... big homes. nice homes... historic homes.

in the backyard of the house RIGHT behind my shop there is a dead tree. a very VERY VERY large dead tree. the home owner said it would cost a couple of thousand for a tree service to take it down.

so... right now he has a big ladder - fully extended - tied as far up the tree as it will go. then, he took some boards and screwed them in to the dead tree so he could go higher...

and he's starting at the top with the whole tree trimming/sawing thing.


there isn't anywhere for the limbs to go. to the right, a house. to the left, a house. forward, his house. backwards, falling towards the shop... and an insane number of power lines.

yet, he's trimming...
i've heard a window break (maybe more than one)
he's ripped the gutter off the back of his house...

and i'm sure there is some roof damage.

a lot more tree to go... and he's wearing dress pants and a dress shirt - tucked in. with an electric chain saw as well as a hand saw. this was all yesterday from mid afternoon on.

this morning i came in to work and the tree is down as far as the top of the extension ladder (which upon picture inspection kind of looks like it's a wooden one!!!)...

but i haven't heard the man yet. which is odd since each morning i hear a "good morning" through the concrete wall...

i'm sending out an S.O.S.

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'd be kicked out of the red.neck 'hood if I had an electric chainsaw - a gas chainsaw is the only way to wake the red.neck neighbors at 5am... hee-hee

Tuesday, July 19

tarred and feathered...

How have you been?  I've missed you!!!  I'm in recovery mode from my cold... it's slow going but I'm gettin' there!

While suffocating on Kleenexes grounded I spent some time on my couch (which I DID paint turquoise... and I love it!!!) and it reminded me... have I told you about my down-filled couch?

A couple of months ago I was visiting Honey at her shop (honey's home+style). I walked in and Honey said, "you have to come see my new couch".

Ohmygosh - I kid you not - when I sat down on her new couch I thought, "good grief - she's going to have to get a crane and a police officer to get me off of this!!!" Just imagine your rear-end on the most fluffy softest clouds... that was her new couch. A BEAUTIFUL creamy neutral color... down filled. But, it wouldn't fit in the single-wide along with my Grandmother's couch...

Sew... I went home, cut up a matelasse bedspread then tried to figure out how to get it stuffed with feathers. Thought about plucking some chickens.

Instead, I grabbed up a down-filled duvet, stitched two straight seams side-by-side down the middle and cut it apart. Voila'!

But... how do I keep it attached to my 1950's foam cushions?


NOT ONLY did Honey inspire my new cushions... but also one of my throw pillows:

She had another something in her shop with flat welting - and I loved it almost as much as the couch!!! Sew, of course, the biggest pillow has flat welting. Then, the longhorn pillow is made out of a piece of cut velvet that Jill had sent me (Thank You Jill!!!)... and - because I'm a girl (and a red.neck) one pillow is silver sequins.

Don't judge - a girl needs her bling.

Now you know (but don't tell anyone) that I have feathers duct taped to my couch cushions. I'm just cool like that. And 'cause Honey inspires me... I need to go visit her again.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where if I had a DOUBLE-WIDE I could have Honey's new couch... hee-hee

P.S. I wrote about Honey here... have you been to see her yet? She'll let you sit on her new couch too!!!
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