Friday, April 29

I hope you have a relaxing week-end!!!  Any big plans?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I plan on takin' it easy...

but I'm sure I'll wreak some havoc before I'm done. 'Cause that's just who I am. I wonder if skateboard couches leave splinters?  hmmmm.... *snicker*

Thursday, April 28

Gonna have Babies!

I have this rose bush tree thing... it rules the front yard it's so spread out and HUGE and absolutely crazy looking.

I have this cat that's overly large/spread out and absolutely crazy looking. Oh wait... that's the rose tree thing. Last night the obese panther was on his evening hunting trip (he must have lost his cat food bowl). BigFatFattyCat was getting yelled at and dive-bombed by some birds (poor kitty)...

now I know why!

If I can keep BigFatFatty from letting himself out of the house - and snakes from eating dinner in my rose bush/tree/thing then I should have little birdie babies!!! Cool, huh?  How's Spring in your 'hood?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm on obese cat and slimy snake patrol... just call me the Bird Whisperer.

Wednesday, April 27

gone visitin'...

Today I'm over terrorizing and harassin' Gail.

You should c'mon over and see what I'm up to!

Comin' to you LIVE from Gail's backyard (I parked the single-wide over there...)

Tuesday, April 26

Green Eggs and Ham

red.neck DELIGHT

7oz left over chopped up Easter ham (or... SPAM. (yeah... I said it...))
2 Hard-Boiled Eggs (you know you have TONS left... pick a green one!)
1 teaspoon chopped onion
2 tablespoons dill relish
1/4 cup may-o-naise
1/2 cup Velveeta Cheese, cubed
4 Hamburger or Hot Dog buns.

Dump the Ham (or Spam) and hard-boiled eggs into a bowl.  Mash 'em up with a fork.  Then, dump in the onion, relish, mayo and cheese.  Stir it all up and fill the buns with the mix.  Wrap 'em up in aluminum foil and put 'em on a baking sheet... bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes until the cheese is all melted and dripping everywhere making that little "sizzley" noise...

Makes 4 servings.

Or - if you aren't allowed near the oven due to burn bans and such - skip the whole cooking process - grab some Cheetos, put them on top of the ham salad then squish the bread down on it all.  Sounds good, right? *giggle* OR!  Just eat the ham salad with a side of Cheetos... can't beat the orange fingers...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where Cheetos are the BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS (or red.necks) and the oven has not been turned on...

Monday, April 25

coloring my world.

Sometimes I find the perfect fabric for a current project (in this case it was a bedspread I disassembled)...

and sometimes it's not the right color combo.  So I fix it.

Fabric markers are almost equal to duct tape... almost...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide that's in the midst of a make-over. While I was coloring fabric were you coloring Easter eggs?  I hope you had a FANTASTIC Easter week-end!

Friday, April 22

Easter Greetings...

I figured that these Easter Greetings worked in 1910... why not in 2011 as well?

May you feel the Lord's presence near you... not on only on Easter, but always!

From my single-wide to yours - wishing you a peaceful and blessed Easter filled with fun and family!

P.S. I wonder if duct tape will hold those little plastic eggs closed just enough that the little egg hunters need me to open them?  Then I could get some candy..... hmmmm.....

Wednesday, April 20


I looked at my dining table this morning and two things crossed my mind.

1. I was really surprised I could see my dining table.
2. It seems my dining table is hoppin'... *snicker*

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wondering... are YOU going to have Easter visitors around your dining table?)... hee-hee

Monday, April 18


Saturday morning I found some FUN stuff!

And saucers (from another sale) that matched (sorta)...

'Cause you can't have toooooooooo many sparkles.

I need to snap to it and terrorize 'em!

What? Quit looking surprised... I'm a red.neck and in my world bullet casings and sparklin' thangs, pretty tea cups, saucers and pearl snap shirts are all equal.

What did you find fun and interesting this week-end? I promise... I won't shoot while I'm listening to your treasure finding story...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... hee-hee

Friday, April 15


Sew... I've hesitated to put pictures of my tent here on my blog 'cause... well... it looked wild and CrAzY and fun - and did I mention CRAzY?!

There's a story regarding this couch and chair and bar... and a certain Trash Talker...
 I have since figured out the reason(s) for the insanity that happened in the back 40o (sq/ft... complete with a duct tape lookin' floor).

I don't have a definite style - just MY style.  There is NO WAY to pigeon hole me or categorize me... I'm as insane as you know think I am.

There was not one piece of ANYthing that had ANYTHING in common with another piece (I make/buy only things that I adore... which translates in to "anything goes here") - hence... no groupings of similar shapes/colors/etc.  BUT!  I did have the presence of mind to have different departments... fashion. home. life.

There weren't any ideas to give on how to use whatever via beautiful and inspirational vignettes 'cause I had already done the "whatever" with the whatever I had for sale.

I'm an insane lunatic/wild child/nutbar who likes color and ain't skeert of throwing all the colors in one tent.  Like a giant crayon box.

There was no unity in my tent. None/NADA/Zilch... but HECK YEAH it was a lot of CrAzy fun to spend some time in - and to look at it... you KNEW it was me and that you had arrived. I even heard, "I've never seen anything like you before" about... 20 times.  I would have had a complex had I not known only the truth was being spoken.

To quote the Sweet MALisa - I am unique.  And I'm gonna revel in it...

And I thank YOU for revelin' in it with me!!!  Zapp Hall was a FANTASTIC show for me - there were a lot of REALLY cool lamps (think...blow torch and k-mart blue light special.  Seriously - someone now has a metal k-mart box with a blue light bulb glowing...), fun "road side treasure" furniture (complete with a road sign top), and all kinds of other crazy fun things that I failed to get a picture of before it flew out of the insane asylum crayola box! Most of everything else I've shown you has moved on to new and loving homes - complete with duct tape!

where it's official: my personal style crisis is over 'cause I have style - it's just a little schizophrenic - and uniquely MY style - you NEVER know what is going to come out of my head next - and that works for me. hee-hee

Wednesday, April 13

WANTED: one lid

I was at "the Mama's" on Saturday...

While there I decided to cruise around with my camera when she wasn't looking! Have I said before that you should come with me to "the Mama's" house sometime? It's my favorite shopping spot. I seem to get the five finger discount most times... I'm sure that would apply to you as well!

Anyway, "the Mama" is ALL geared up for Spring and Summer. Each season brings a slew of packing, unpacking - trips to the attic and her version of "the la.bor.a.tory"...

Let me define "each. season." for you. We're talkin': Early Spring. Late Spring. Early Summer. Mid-summer. Summer. End of Summer. Early Fall. Fall. Thanksgiving (oh wait, is that a Season? hmmm...) and so on... you get the picture, right? Sometimes I think the whole "each season" thing is hereditary...

For Spring and Summer this year she is sending her red and white transfer ware on holiday in the land called... storage - and prettifyin' with my Grandmother's Haviland! Grammy always had her china cabinet filled with her Haviland... bits and pieces - ALL gorgeous! And ALWAYS the star of the show was her chocolate pot.

Since "the Mama" is springin' up Grammy's china cabinet... it all makes perfect sense to have it in it's rightful spot. The chocolate pot was a wedding gift to my GREAT Grandparents in 1905(ish). But, it was mainly used for chicken broth when someone was sick! Ain't no red.neck in their right mind gonna actually use it for hot chocolate... you knew I got it from somewhere...

The lid has been missing for as long as "the Mama" can remember... and we're on the hunt.

If you happen upon one - we would be forever grateful to you and your sharp eye!!! As a matter of fact... SO grateful that you could earn yourself an ALL EXPENSES PAID shopping trip through "the Mama's" house.



maybe not. She could have a problem with that - I just got a lil' carried awayHow about... a few buttons from her magic button bowl - and the stories that accompany the buttons?! And, to sweeten the pot - she'll even throw in the two lids that DON'T fit!  whoo hoo!!!

I figure - it's Easter Egg huntin' season (I'm sure that's a season)... maybe you'll find a lid too?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm flippin' my lid! *snicker*
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