Friday, February 25

I'll give you the moon...

PIE anyway!  Will I see you tomorrow at The Primitique?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I can't decide what I want for lunch... vanilla? banana?  chocolate?  augh!  decisions, decisions, decisions...

Thursday, February 24


I got this FUN fabric from Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite "take all my money now" stores)...

and it made me wonder. Or would it be... "wander"hmmmm...

where are you from?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide Deep in the Heart O' Texas... where I like the word "excursionist". I'm going to use it all day today in various sentences.

Tuesday, February 22

sorry charley...

It's very possible that after I survive the fields of Warrenton I am going to reward myself with all things Charley Harper. I wonder if he's prepared to have a gallery in the single-wide? hmmmm....

Starting with these flash cards.

Oh, and this memory game.

And a coloring bookI love to color! I never stay inside the lines...

Do you have any Charley Harper prints I need to come hi-jack out of your single-wide? 'cause I will.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I've been surfing Amazon for hours now... my wish-list makes me cringe and grin at the same time... and want to color.)hee-hee

p.s. I was introduced this morning to Charley *I also started planning his art exhibit in my single-wide then* by Abbey at Aesthetic Outburst... I love it over there in her world!

Monday, February 21

pedal to the metal...

I need this.

It's a gas pedal. Who doesn't need a foot shaped gas pedal? It's so red.neck!

I need one. Immediately.

I could put my pedal to the metal on my way to the Tailgate and Trunk party at The Primitique on Saturday... and if you had one, you could come too!  ARE you coming?

Seriously - what's a duct tape mobile without a foot shaped gas pedal?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm thinking the single-wide needs one too...)hee-hee

Thursday, February 17


 By the window, that is where I'll be
Come tiptoe through the tulips with me

By the garden of the willow tree
And tiptoe through the tulips with me

 We'll keep the showers away
And if I kiss you in the garden, in the moonlight
Will you pardon me?
And tiptoe through the tulips with me...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I got these tulips for Valentine's Day (aren't they gorgeous!)... and I've been singing this song ever since... hee-hee

Have a BEEEEEAUTIFUL week-end!!! I'm off to go tiptoe through the tulips...

Tuesday, February 15


Since last week I have spent many many many hours in my bedroom and on my couch (there has not been an arm removal session yet... but the year is still young.) due to the flu.  Please drink your orange juice.  And stock up on Vick's vapo rub. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, I studied my bedroom from my inert position for many many many hours. That room has been in upheaval for approximately 2 years a while.  I have one big wall painted with black chalkboard paint. I LOVE it!  I have another wall painted with the "cameo beige" that I was going to use throughout the rest of the bedroom... haven't made it around the rest of the room yet 'cause the other two walls are still a beautiful pale yellow that happened after the last "I'm going to cook something!" fire. (paint... an excellent smoke damage fixer.)

The cameo beige has not inspired me.... that roll of curtain fabric has been there - leaning against the wall - just like that for approximately 2 years a while. I do not love the beige wall. So...

Remember the quilt top from here and here?

Some of it is now living happily on a pair of chrome chairs that are making their way in to the red.neck boudoir. Beige is no longer an option - it's been vetoed. fired. I have purposely lost the paint can.
Now I have three walls waiting for me - blank canvases!!! Should I go TurquoiseOrangeRaspberry?  Oh... I know... avocado green!!!

Ha! No - I'm kidding. I like the above bedroom with the white walls.  So (and these words will probably go down in my own history makin' book) "Robelyn is going to paint 3 walls white."  I know, I KNOW!  Can you believe it?  It's okay though - the world is not coming to an end - the chair colors will more than make up for the white walls. And just think how much fun I'm going to have pulling out allllllllllllllllllllllllll of the accent colors!

I can't do the antlers though... I'd probably put my eyeball out when I jumped out of bed skeert 'cause there is an animal's hood ornament on the wall.

What color(s) is your bedroom?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I just realized that Kleenex's are white.  Maybe that's where I got my "white wall" inspiration...)hee-hee

Monday, February 14


I'm sending YOU a whole mess of

today and EVERYday...


Saturday, February 12

couch tater.

I really like this couch.

And... I have a wood frame couch from the late 50's/early 60's.

It's sew cool 'cause I can recover it at any given moment (and those moments come on a whim pret-ty often...) with 5 yards of fabric and an hour at the sewing machine.

This morning I was spotted hanging over the side of my couch (the arms on mine aren't as cool as the above couch... but still semi-cool) inspecting the arms of my couch and how they are attached... and wondering what would happen if I had an arm removal session.

It seems that the arms of my couch are vital to all couch related functions. There has to be a way around this, right?  I could cut the arms off... duct tape here, here and there for stability...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I could possibly be in the middle of furniture re-construction... what are YOU doing this week-end?)...hee-hee

Thursday, February 10

Dear Kate,

If you send me one of each thing pictured above I will honor your request that I quit putting duct tape on your store windows and doors and mannequins and handbags and clothing and sparkly things and shoes and dishes....

Thank You. You already have my mailing address from the last restraining order...
Yours truly,
Stalker Robelyn.

Tuesday, February 8

you are under arrest...

It's true.  I have heard those words before.  And, me being me, met those words head on with a fit of giggles.

Let me set the scene for you:

It was 1 o'clock in the morning and I was on my way home from work... heading west bound on a little 2 lane road.  I was driving a little red car. I come to a blinking red light at an intersection (2 lanes heading north, 1 middle turn lane, 2 lanes heading south) look both ways and cross...

1 lane
2 lanes
turn lane
3 lanes
4th lane...
halfway through the 4th lane I get smacked in the back-end by a very large truck.  He goes over me from front to back, twists me around a few times, goes over me from side to side, twists me around some more...
I come to my senses looking out the missing windshield to see that the very large truck is wrapped around a telephone pole.

I believe in miracles - and certainly did as they pried me from my car and I watched the truck guy climb out of the cab of his very large truck.  A. we were all okay (they estimated truck guy going between 80-85mph) - B. he hit me right where my son's car seat was always strapped in and - C. my son was not with me.

Now... me being the ding-bat that I am (and for whatever reason) did not have my driver's license with me.  I rattled off my name, DL number, date of birth etc., but did not have the actual license.  So - that night I got a ticket (always carry your license with you!!!).

Let's fast forward a couple of weeks...
I had been dealing with the insurance company (the truck guy was not driving his own truck, and the truck he WAS driving was un-insured... if you do not have "un-insured motorists coverage" on your auto policy - I highly recommend it!!!), crying on the phone several times a day with "the mama" on the other end, trying to find some wheels, etc. etc. (etc. really means "I forgot to pay the ticket") etc., when a knock comes on my apartment door.  I open it and hear:

"ma'am, we are having a warrant round-up this week-end and you are under arrest..."
I giggle.
And.............. off we go!  I basically RACED the police officer down to his car - I was officially under arrest!!! I was so excited - I was gonna have a record!  I rode in the front (no handcuffs... do I not look menacing enough?  geesh...) and after much begging and pleading I FINALLY got to turn the pretty lights on!  No siren though... again, I guess I'm not menacing enough...

and voila! We're at the police station!!!  I carefully helped select my convict number - then got to participate in a photo session!  I vetoed a few of the mug shots - but in the end was very happy with the selected photos. (It was then I realized my left side is my best side.) I could very well be the only person in the world grinning in my mug shots. LOL! 

FUN! (I'm SO hoping my son never reads this 'cause I don't recommend going to jail... really...)

I got to read the novels written on the holding cell benches per my request - I didn't really get put in there - but I HAD to go visit the holding cell, right?  And I'm still slightly miffed that I didn't get to wear some stripes or at the very least an orange jump suit. I paid my money, thanked 'em and was heading back home in no time!  WHO in their right mind THANKS the arresting officer for going to jail?  I did.  It was FUN! I even saw the arresting officer a few times after (I had to have him buy me dinner a few times... he had all my food money after bail, warrant fees, tickets, stuff...) Now if I could just get that left facing photo... I tell ya - it was a good one!!! 
Now you know - I'm a jailbird.

do you think she knows i have a record? hmmm....

Good times, good times...

Oh - you want to know who is getting cuff'd?  Well, besides me? (should we make the winning convict wear orange? hmmmm.....)
Since the Superbowl Tailgate party got rescheduled (Mr. Flannery called us - and I quote: "a bunch of wimps" - as he was on his way out to go ice fishing in Minnesota *pfft*) due to freeze-my-freckle weather - The Mindy picked a number over the phone line (they did not freeze...)!

Sylvia, (she's at Casa Bella... have you been over there? It's one of my FAVORITE hang-outs (even better than jail!!!)) you are under arrest!

And even though Sylvia doesn't look menacing - she's getting cuff'd! Congratulations!

Thank you EVERYONE for joining in! Now you know... I have a record... does that really surprise you?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I say: always wear your seatbelt. drive safely. carry your driver's license.  grin in all mugshots - it throws 'em all off thar in the jail...) hee-hee
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