Thursday, December 30

My Resolutions...

10. I will never tow another car using pantyhose and duct tape.

9. I will vacuum all black velvet paintings that hang in the single-wide.

8. I will continue to support the only two food groups: beef jerky and moon pies.

7.  I will take my Christmas tree and all lights down before April.

6.  I will refrain from catching bugs and throwing them in the bug zapper on movie night.

5.  I will upgrade my fancy guest towels to read, "Best Western" instead of "Property of Motel 6"

4. I will mow my yard so I can find my car and I will quit referring to the duct tape on it as "chrome".

3. I will no longer try to befriend and bathe the fluffy black and white kitties that live in the 'hood.

2. I will remove the 3 refrigerators from my front porch and I will delete "tick removal" as one of my many talents from my resume.

1. I will refrain from showing my belt buckle when asked to see my ID.

What are YOUR resolutions?  Let's see who can stick to 'em the longest...
(my fingers mighta' been criss-crossed on some of these... here kitty kitty kitty...)
Have a Safe and Happy and Sparkly (oh... I also resolve to not light the fireworks in the single-wide...) New Year!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm so Thankful for a New Year to be spent with YOU!!! ) hee-hee

Tuesday, December 28

Jessica's Miracle.

Ya'll know me... and you know I don't do this very often - but this is important.

Jessica's Story.

"After a couple of weeks of Jessica not eating well, Jessica’s mom, Chandra, became worried. Jessica's stomach felt bloated and Chandra felt it was due to constipation. After a visit to their doctor on the morning of December 21st, they were immediately sent to the hospital for more tests. After a few hours their worst nightmare was confirmed; sweet little Jessica had cancer. That evening, Jessica, her parents, and her baby brother Jacob were on a flight from St. George to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City..."

For the remainder of Jessica's story - go here.  And for updates - go here.

I do believe in Miracles. I do believe in the Power of Prayer.  And I do believe in the power of many heads bowed and many hearts lifted in Prayer.

;-D  Love and big hugs of Thanks, Robelyn

Monday, December 27


Santy Claus got sick of seeing me showin' up un-announced at the North Pole when I was s'posed to be in Mississippi or Africa or somewhere like that... so I gots myself a GPS.

I have had so much fun with it!  Yesterday I caught myself going the wrong way on purpose - just to hear the guy say, "re-calculating"... I would giggle uncontrollably - make the wrong turn again... and with each and every time he had to say "re-calculating" I SWEAR he was getting more and more offended that I just wouldn't listen to him in the first place!  And so I would go...

And go some more... and he would "re-calculate" and then he would tell me to turn - and then I would yell "you big dummy - you don't even know how to say the roads right" - then he would say, "re-calculating" and I could hear the utter disdain in his voice - and I would tell him to shut his mouth - then I would make the wrong turn and he would yell - then I would yell...

I'm luvin' my GPS.  I even set the icon to be a big monster truck so the duct tape mobile would feel a lil' more red.neck.

What did Santy leave for you?  Did you have a Merry Christmas? How many friends and family members did you surround yourself with?  Tell me your stories - I'll quit yelling at the GPS long enough to listen...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wondering if Garmin put the checkered flag on there just KNOWING I pretend I'm a Nascar driver...) hee-hee

Thursday, December 23

Merry Christmas!

Well... I AM from Texas after all...

And I AM indeed a red.neck.

Tis the season to be jolly - May your Christmas be filled with everything that makes you smile! His Birth was a Miracle, His Love Is a Gift.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wondering if Santa is buying into my whole "I've been really good this year" thang...) hee-hee

Wednesday, December 22

Sleigh Bells Ring...

Last night I was driving home to the single-wide and just started grinning... which then lead to a giggle... then a full-on belly laugh. I was behind the biggest RV. And it’s like somebody opened up the back window of that dinosaur and let the Christmas memories roll out. Like a bowl full of jelly...

When I was little, the red.neck brothers and I oh-so-patiently awaited that last day of school. C’mon Christmas break! We knew that “the Mama” had been packin’ and wrappin’ and getting us ready to hit the road – we were on our way to Deland, FL – we were on our way to Grammy and Grampy’s house! I think we were ALWAYS sitting in the van WAY before take-off time! Proll’y the only time of the year we didn’t try to take each other’s Christmas lights out fighting over the front seat. And how do parent’s tune out 3 – count ‘em THREE - little voices going, “are we there yet? Mom – are we there yet?” I think I’ll call her right now just to ask her if we’re there yet...

It didn’t matter what time of the day or night we rolled in to my Grandparent's sand filled driveway – my Grandmother would come flying out the back door with her arms wide open and then it WAS a race between my red.neck brothers and I to see who could get to her first. And right behind her by maybe half a step was my Grandfather with a grin on his face and his arms held wide open – just waiting to see who got to HIM first! Christmas was right there in that driveway.

And then the fun began... baking and talking and laughing (probably some shopping in there somewhere), Christmas lights to look at with our noses pressed to the glass - carols to sing... one of my favorite pastimes was to dog my Uncle’s every foot step – so I did that too... orange trees and grapefruit trees to check out... a big woodworking shop to raid (it always had toys busting out of its seams!)... a boat yard for hide-and-seek games... the fun of it all!

My Grandfather always had his “station” which consisted of a cabinet and his recliner – and my Grandmother always had her “command station” which consisted of a cabinet and her rocking chair... each station held the best seat in their house – their laps. I can remember going from my Grandfather’s lap to cuddlin’ up in my Grandmother’s lap – then back again... then again... Christmas was right there in that living room.

One of the best parts? Grampy ALWAYS had a camper for us to stay in – it was just one of those things that made their house THAT fun! On Christmas Eve we would all go to church for the Christmas Eve service – then we would go home and gather around their dining table and laugh and giggle and eat – but we would always leave enough cookies for Santa! Grammy’s thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies were his favorite after all! Then we would race in to the sun room where we would each get to open one gift – and let me tell you – it was a hard decision each year deciding which package under the tree to open! Whew! Then the red.neck brothers and I would get the glass of milk ready – the plate of cookies ready – yell out our good nights and race out the door to the camper! And we would wait... and wait... and wait some more with baited breath...

“DO YOU HEAR THAT?! Santa is RIGHT OUTSIDE ringing his sleigh bells!!!” The three of us would scramble to the windows giggling – running from window to window, tripping in our excitement (or we could have been tripping each other *shrug*) - trying to catch a glimpse of Santa! We could hear him ringing his sleigh bells!!! He HAD to be out there somewhere! He just HAD to be!

And Christmas morning: Grammy never failed to meet us at the back door with the empty cookie plate in hand for us to inspect the remaining crumbs – orders for us to stop long enough to drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (she had to do SOMETHING with all the oranges we drug in to her kitchen)THEN we would get to peak around the corner into the living room...

Command centers were shut down – Christmas had arrived! Stockings full and overflowing – grins and giggles and oooohs and aaaahs – dolls for me and trucks and tractors for the red.neck brothers (those later transported the dolls... I travel in style after all) pretty dresses that "the Mama" had made for me (and usually a shirt for my Grandmother to match!) and cradles and other doll furniture that my Grandfather had made for me... clothes and blankets and little pillows for my dolls that my Grandmother had made... Christmas was right there in that living room. And after all of the fun and laughter we would once again gather around Grammy's dining table to feast on pancakes - and more orange juice - and fight with Grampy 'cause he would steal your pancake after you buttered it to absolute perfection and the syrup was just fixing to hit the little hole in the middle you had made...
Christmas was surrounding that dining table.

This year I’ve been struggling with my “Christmas Spirit”. My orange hairs are standin’ on end – my freckles are drooping... I have almost let all of the hustle and bustle smother my Christmas joy. ("Bah Humbug" has even escaped my lips a few times... don't tell Santy, m'kay?) It’s amazing what a brown dinosaur of an RV heading down a winding country road – sparkly Christmas lights reflected in its windows - can do for one’s soul. I seem to have forgotten what Christmas is all about for awhile.

Faith, Hope and above all - Love.
Family and friends.
The Resident Teen and all the joy he brings to me. (even while taking tours through ditches and cow pastures... does he REALLY need to drive?)
Precious childhood memories and the making of new ones.
You, my blog-land friends.
Children laughing and chocolate chip cookie grins.
Huggles, snuggles and cuddles; arms being held wide open awaiting your arrival because you belong in them.
Carrying on with family traditions and starting some new ones.
The birth of Jesus and all of the wonder that holds.

Don’t ya know... the occupants of that RV are some lucky kid’s Grandparents bringing Christmas love with them – and I’m bettin’ those kids are standing and fighting over who gets out the back door first when Christmas arrives in their driveway – sleigh bells in his hands and chocolate chip cookie dough in hers.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (and wishing you and yours a verrrrrry Merry Christmas!) hee-hee

p.s. Turns out those bells are "the Mama's" and they traveled each and every time with us to Florida... I wonder where she hid them? Now they hang on her mantle... I think I'll go ring them constantly Christmas Day - and when I'm not ringing them I'll ask her if we're there yet. ;-D

Tuesday, December 21

welcome winter...

It's the FIRST DAY OF WINTER!!!  Whoooooo Hoo!!!

It's a balmy 80+++++++++++++ degrees....

And I can't find my eskimo boots.
(It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... ladedadeda...)

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wonderin'.... how's the weather in your 'hood?) hee-hee

image found here. I'm not really at the beach... but I could be in the blink of an eye... wanna meet me there?

Monday, December 20

Dear Santy Claus.

How much is that cardigan in the window...

The one with the pretty sparkly trim?

How much is that cardigan in the window...

I do hope that cardigan is for sale!

I must make a trip to Athens...

And not leave that GORGEOUS cardigan alone!

Have you driven through Athen's lately?  Is this not a brake-slammin' couple of windows?

I missed the Christmas party at Winnie &Tulula's a couple of weeks ago - but this is what I saw gleaming (and calling my name) in the night! The Trash Talkin' Diva and her handsome side-kick, Debbie and THE Cat Daddy, outdid themselves on this gorgeous window!!!  And Liz and Fran?

Ohhhhhhhh FaLaLa!  I just giggle and grin when I think of those two beautiful ladies! And you KNOW I am chompin' at the bit to wander through the store and see what Margo has in her stash of goodies!!!

If you haven't completed all of your Christmas shoppin' Santy... I'll take that cardigan!!! Heck... and the TuTu - I need a new Christmas outfit!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm thinkin' I have some silver sparkly shoes that would look great with this...) hee-hee

Thursday, December 16

Dinner Conversation...

Frost Bite.

They are always dropping their needles.

'Cause he had the drum sticks.

He was stuffed!

Because it soots him.


With his North Pole-aroid.

Crispmas Eve.

He was mistleTOED!

My table's all set for dinner... do you want Chinese take-out or some Pizza?  It's going to have to be one of the two or we'll have to set extra places for all the nice fire-putter-outers that have banned me from my kitchen. You choose...

While you're thinking about what you would like to eat - I'm heading over to harass Debra at Common Ground and I'm going to see who else wants to come to dinner at the single-wide!  Vintage Christmas that will take your breath away!!!

Wanna know what skunks sing at Christmas?  Jingle Smells...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I've got it!  How about a Turkey pot-pie?!) hee-hee


my name is robelyn.

i am a hoodie (and ruffle) junkie. i can't get enough hoodies (or ruffles).

i have even been known to steal hoodies and make others go cold. (i offer my sincerest apologies (yet again) to my little red.neck brother if he's cold today... but i really like the hoodie "the mama" got for him so he wouldn't go cold... and yes. i am wearing it right now thankyouverymuch.)

why does this not come in my size?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where "i love hoodies anonymous" will be held at 6:15... wanna join me?) hee-hee
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