Wednesday, September 22

gonna miss me?

(nah, not really... I just wanted to show you my red.neck Uncle on the coolest John Deere tractor... but - you never know what I might drive to Warrenton... I AM a red.neck heading in to the cow pastures...)

I will CERTAINLY miss you! Well... unless I see you in the cow pastures - then you'll hope I'm missing you with my duct tape missiles (or tractor tires)!

I have waved my magic duct tape roll all over the place - and if I even looked at something ANYTHING it got:

added to it, or it got...

to something really cool, or it got...


(Is that even a word?  "hardwared"... hmmm....)

(would you ever guess that's a horse's tushy?  uh huh... red.neck I tell ya!)

I can't tell you how many different colors of spray paint I have on my fingers... or how many fumes I may have inhaled........


where was I?

Oh YEAH!  I'm gettin' ready to head out to Zapp!  Gonna come see me?  I think you should. Here you go - I'll even give you directions:

Just follow the duct tape trail!!!  You won't be able to miss "the Mindy" and I... I do so solemnly swear! (prol'ly not so solemnly... but still. I promise?!)

so I'm gonna walk right outta here... but no worries - I'll keep you updated - it might be slow...
wifi + miles of cow pastures = sporadic blogging.

But a whole lotta fun!!!  See ya soon! Oh!  And don't forget to Vote and Win HERE so I can send you a hat and a pocketbook!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wonderin'... how long would it take on a tractor to get to Zapp Hall do you think?) hee-hee

Tuesday, September 21


my living room looked like THIS right now I wouldn't be sewin'...

(i'd probably be wonderin' when the single-wide got so clean (and who painted the walls white)... I don't think it's ever been THIS clean (just keepin' it real. LOL))

... I would be sitting on that couch with my feet up. Instead my living room looks like a purse shaped hand grenade landed and went off... then another one followed... and another one. I still have to price, pack, price some more, pack some more... AUGH!

Don't forget to Vote and Win HERE! You KNOW you'll look sew cute in that hat carryin' that pocketbook!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I sewed a pocket in upside down last night... I think my brain has already left for Warrenton...) hee-hee

Monday, September 20

Vote and Win!

 a Liz Claiborne skirt never looked sew cute!

Happppppy Monday!!!  Did you have a good week-end? I hope so!!!  I stayed locked up in my "la.bor.a.tor.y" most of the time - escaping only to go move rusty stuff around (and steal some cool schtuff for your shopping pleasure) from the Taj Mahal... all in my panic preparations for Warrenton! (Have you checked the weather there?  AUGH! Good thing I have cute rain boots... wait 'til you see 'em!  LOL)

Sew... "the Mindy" and I have an ongoing "do it / no-way" thing going on as far as matching hat and pocketbook...

she says, "make a matching set"...

I say, "no-way!"... but I did it anyway. heeheeHA! Sew - you tell us... would you wear a hat that matches your pocketbook?

Seriously - tell us - and you can win both this hat and "Lu.cille"!  Cast your vote here in the comment section!!!  You can even pirate a picture or two and ask your friends what THEY think! Share the fun!

Deadline is 12pm on Saturday the 25th - on Sunday the 26th I will have MALisa of Moonlight Hollow draw a name out of the hat 'cause did you know - she's setting up at Zapp - right next to where "the Mindy" and I are?  (I'm so excited... I get to spend 9 days driving MALisa insane!) and THEN!  On Monday the 27th run on over to see "the Mindy" for the winner!!!  If you don't have a blog be sure and email me so we can let you know if YOU were the winner!!!  Fun FUN!!!

Now - here's your chance to be a fashion guru - together or separate?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm thinking... I should be back in my lab right about now...) hee-hee

P.S. I'm also wonderin'... am I the only one that has spare body parts laying around for photo shoots? hmmmm....

Friday, September 17

i'm on a quest...

to ruffle the whole.



I wonder if fire extinguisher juice ruffles like frosting?  hmmmm....

Yesterday I got a magic ruffler thangy for my sewing machine! How have I gone 173 years without owning one of these you may be askin' (or not)I dunno.

now... nothing is safe.

I need these... I need to ruffle my chucks... now. right now.


Here's my wardrobe for the next 5 days.  LOL

I would now - and forever after (at least until Monday) like to be referred to as: "rrrrrufflin"...

and I am a super rrrrruffler super-hero(ette)... who will make ruffles out of your... whatever is ailin' ya.
And! Of COURSE my cape will have rrrrruffles!!!

What are you going to be doing this week-end? I'm gonna be tappin' in to my inner rrrrrufflin'... any thing you need ruffled this week-end just shine a light... I'll be thar!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm thinkin'.... Zapp's gonna have a heck-of-a-lot-of ruffles comin' from "the Mindy's" and my corner...) hee-hee
;-D rrrrrufflin'

Thursday, September 16

to paint...

or NOT to paint...

that is the question.

Should I leave the legs as-is (after some cleanup...) or should I paint 'em? You tell me...

Also... should we start takin' bets NOW or LATER on how many times "the Mindy" is going to roll her eyes as I bust out the red.neck Chic line of craziness COOL shtuff that I'm invading Zapp with?  Think she'll notice this parked on top of one of her tables?  Maybe put Santa Claus on it...

Hey - I bet he bowls... and works on his sled too... 
Spareme from my splitdecision... shall I paint the legs or leave 'em? I want this table to look incredibowl...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where sometimes when I look at a pile of pocketbooks it runs through my mind that I could be skitzo...) hee-hee

P.S. What did one bowling pin say to the other? "Hey you! You're a knock-out!"

Wednesday, September 15

Get your happy on!

I'm sitting here laughing to myself 'cause I read some blogs here and there and they are SO engaging and entertaining and funny... and the blogger is talking of nothing other than their trip to Wal Mart or somewhere like that...

and I think, "Robelyn... you lead a dull life.  You need to go to Wal Mart or somethin'" (see? dull.  Wal-Mart? really? I could at least step it up with a trip to Tractor Supply --- something!)

It's at this point that I recall my morning... and it is still relatively dull and uneventful - boring even (never-mind the fact that I've just spent the last 10 minutes mopping up coffee and coffee grounds 'cause I forgot to put the pot in the coffee maker after I turned it on... or that I had to u-turn 'cause I had mis-matched flip flops on (one brown sparkles... one white w/bows)... or that my shirt was on inside out and I didn't catch it 'til I was sitting at my desk (AFTER spreading my grin 'round a few places this morning)... or that i just accidentally stabbed myself with a box cutter... in the stomach (ouch)... or that I discovered this morning that the skunk that I came nose to nose with in my back yard is more skeert of me than I am of him... or after I dropped the flat iron for my hair in to the kitchen sink (don't ask)... 
and... never mind the flames that happened in the "la.bor.a.tor.y" this morning (we're down one pocketbook as of 6:17am on Wednesday, September 15th... may it's ash's rest in pieces) due to an iron, a piece of cotton and a psychotic iron operator... ).

See? Dull and uneventful.

So I got some happy daisies to smile at...

'cause the art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things - and I am happy.

Do you have your Happy on today?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm smackin' myself in the forehead 'cause it's not even 11am yet... and I need a new fire-putter-outer (I should go to Wal-Mart for a new one!!!) but that's just between us... don't tell anybody, m'kay?) hee-hee

Tuesday, September 14

Blazin' Saddle!

Check out what the Captain of the Neighborhood Association brought me!

It's good to have red.neck pasture neighbors that feed in to the insanity that happens at the single-wide, right?  yeeeeeeeeeHA! I'm lucky and you can't have my red.neck pardners.... you have to get your own...

I'm off to ride my blazin' saddle...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm wondering what would happen if I installed those shocks on the single-wide's axles... better yet... a lift kit on the single-wide... yeah...) hee-hee

Monday, September 13

it's MONDAY!!!

cue in the mood music...

And let's get this Monday STARTED!!!  You with me?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm on a quest to conquer just one little piece of my world today...) hee-hee

Saturday, September 11

the countdown is on...

'cause there are HOW many days left until my duct tape lands at Zapp? No... don't tell me... let me remain oblivious for another 10 days or so.

what kind of trouble are you causing this week-end?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where the only sound you hear is the sound of my sewing machine yelling at me 'cause it feels like going on strike...) hee-hee

Friday, September 10


I ADORE waffles!  Plain, powdered sugar, covered in butter, served up with extra syrup (in each and every square!)...

fruit - peanut butter... chocolate chips (little rainbow sprinkly things...) I don't care.  Just l'eggo my eggo. Well... eggos are what I usually have...

But!!!  Now I've had waffles made just for me!!!  Isn't it funny how the little things that one person does cook up in to such special big things for another person? Waffles.

Did you know that there is such a thing as a waffle maker out there?  AND!  They come in shapes?!  I was asked if I wanted "round or square waffles"!  Who knew?!?!

Oh - I guess you probl'y did... but this was new info for the red.neck girl who burns her house down with the toaster can't cook!!! I was so EXCITED to know this!!!

Here you go:

The word "waffle" comes from the Celtic phrase "Wiff tille" which, loosely translated, means "Alas! The mountain goat has my sandwich!"*
Now you know.* You're welcome...

And... here's a recipe for you:
1¾ cups all-purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
1 Tbsp granulated sugar
3 eggs
1¾ cups whole milk
½ cup vegetable oil
½ tsp pure vanilla extract (optional)
Pre-heat your waffle iron to its hottest setting. Sift together flour, baking powder and salt.
Beat eggs thoroughly. Whisk in sugar, milk and oil.
Add liquid ingredients to dry ingredients and mix gently until combined. Don't over-mix (is that anything like over-cookin'?)!

Spray both surfaces of your waffle iron with cooking spray.
Ladle 4 to 6 oz (½ to ¾ cup) batter on the iron and close it. It's not unusual for a bit of batter to seep out of the edges of the iron. If there's excessive leakage, use less batter for the next waffle.
Cook until the waffle iron's indicator light shows that cooking is complete, or until no more steam comes out. The finished waffle should be golden brown and crispy.

I personally am not going to try this recipe... I don't have a waffle maker.  In any shape or size... plus - even though it's flooding in the hood I'm fairly certain there is a burn ban on the single-wide. National Waffle Week is celebrated the second week in September.... I started my waffle celebration this past week-end thanks to an awesome waffle chef...

... have you been celebratin' National Waffle Week?  If not - you still have time!!! Would you like some syrup for each of those cool little cubbies?

Comin' to you LIVE from...
... hee-hee

* You really don't know... I just found that somewhere and was amused by it... kinda red.neckish... always take things I say with a granule of sugar... oh heck - go make some waffles!  I'm on my way!!!
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