Thursday, March 24

moving body bags.

I have a very large woman strapped to the top of my car right now.

Because that's how I roll.

Comin' to you LIVE on my way with the last load to the cow pasture!!!  I'm gonna see if I get pulled over and questioned...
I'll keep you posted.

Monday, March 21



The Trash Talkin' Diva, Debbie, (with her oh-so-suave sidekick "Cat Daddy") are ready.

While I.... me.... myself... I'm still wreaking havoc with my spray paint can(sssssssss) and sewing machine (last night I was working on a piece for the linen department and I sewed the bull on upside down... yikes!)... and anything else that pops in to my duct taped brain...

What have you painted lately?  Will I get to show you all the red.neck fun at Zapp?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I accidentally painted bigfatfattycat's tail yesterday... he looks good in avocado.) hee-hee

I lifted the photos from Debbie at Talkin' Trash... sssssssshhhhhhhhhh don't tell her, okay? I'll know if you do 'cause The Mindy and I have our tents right next to her...

Thursday, March 17


The problem with creating my version of greatness...

whether it be sewing it, designing it, gluing it, painting it (I've even stealthily run off with things from "the mama" in the past couple of weeks for my creative use)...

is that I made it happen 'cause I like the thought of it.

It's possible that the duct tape tent at Zapp will be minus the 3' candy apple red frame and the pocketbook collection will be minus the newest member.

Because, of course, in the midst of everything that is getting painted, glued, stitched up... walked-off with - I had to design a new purse pattern.  (geesh... the things that happen when sleep does not.) "Mary.Jane" is the 3rd addition to the vintage inspired day bag collection!  The mother-in-law, the Queen B... the Grand Poobahette to "Ev.e.lyn", and best friends with "Lu.cille"!

Do you ever want to keep EVERYTHING that you make happen?  I always do...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where yesterday I had candy apple red paint in my orange hair... I was pretendin' to be Rainbow BRIGHT.) hee-hee

Tuesday, March 15

happy fluffy flowers!

My version of growing spring blossoms comes complete with a pom-pom maker (here).  You need one... then you could have a whole basket of happy like I do!

Is your basket full of Happy today? 

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm swimming in happy fluffy flowers and LOVIN' it!!! hee-hee

Monday, March 14

Sweet MALisa...

I absolutely adore my MALisa... I know you already know that... but I thought you might need to know that again.

Remember when I first met her?  (here)

And in the Fall when I got to hang out with she and Lurch and Ronda? (here)

Guess who I get to duct tape again next week?!?!
Yep - she's gonna be there - photo booth and ALL!!!
You can't miss her - she's crazy.

Oh, I mean...
You can't miss her - she will be right outside of the Junk Gypsy tent at Zapp Hall (and she's crazy.)!

When you see MALisa... chances are you'll see me too 'cause I like to share my duct tape with her.  (And she's crazy FUN!) hee-hee

Because you can't think "MALisa" without singing this:

Happy Monday!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm still duct taped to my sewing machine - so MALisa made my invitations!!!) I'm so spoilt rotten...

Friday, March 11

road trip.

The combination of Spring Break for the resident teen and working with old, coffee stained road maps has me taking a slight detour down memory lane...

Every year the red.neck brothers and I used to spend spring break at my Grandparent's house.  Just about every day of spring break we would all pile in to the Grammy and Grampy mobile and go find some fun... sometimes the grocery store (with a few u-turns on the way for garage sales)...

sometimes the fishin' hole (with a few u-turns along the way for garage sales)... sometimes just to check out the 'hood (you know... for garage sales and stuff.)

We NEVER got in the car without two things.  A coffee pot (I really wonder how many of these pump pots she went through over the years...) and a cookie tin.  I think that they liked to SAY the cookie tin was for our benefit... but Grampy was the cookie monster.

Grampy: "Old woman, I need a shot of coffee"

Grammy: "Here you go Old Goat"

Grampy: "Old woman, what's in the tin?"

Grammy: "Nothing for you Old Goat" (as she hands him a cookie...)

I think the only way Grampy would have owned a GPS is if it had the "garage sale here" app...

Wanna take a road trip?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide... or maybe the fishin' hole... one never knows (but you betcha' I've got my shot of coffee)... hee-hee

Thursday, March 10

You can dress me up...

I would wear this.

I would even wear this at Zapp HallWhich is technically in the middle of a cow pasture.

I would probably wear it in the middle of the cow pasture- and have some duct tape around my wrist.

I'd even wear these shoes in the cow pasture with duct tape around my wrist.

Moral of the story is: you can dress me up all pretty-like but I'm still a red.neck who wants to wear this dress while hanging out in a cow pasture.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm fairly certain I could even sew in this dress.) hee-hee

Tuesday, March 8

Just Peachy!

I've been locked up in the la.bor.a.tory sew much (Warrenton is HOW many days away?) I have missed some of Spring duct tapin' the back 40!

Luckily my peach tree hasn't missed any of the action!!!  Is spring arriving in your 'hood?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide.  No, wait... Comin' to you LIVE from the red.neck la.bor.a.tory... hee-hee

Monday, March 7

nobody knows...

nobody knows...

and perhaps anyone walking through my kitchen. HA!  I have a new light over my sink - but forgot the shade for a couple of days!  Each time I walked by I thought I was either in prison (again) - or I started singing "nobody knows..." and I did NOT know my voice could go that low.

NOW I just want to play red light, green light.

And I've switched songs tooooooooo:

Oh... I have so much fun in my kitchen - and I don't even know how to cook without seeing the red lights!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where yes indeedy... my valance is ruffled metal... 'cause I'm cool like that.) hee-hee

P.S. Wanna sing with me?  Here you go...

Saturday, March 5

just a little note...

to let you know I'm thinking of you!

I hope you are in the midst of a BEAUTIFUL week-end!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where sometimes I sew paper.  and then I add some duct tape. And it becomes the stationary that all red.necks need!) hee-hee

Thursday, March 3

if only.

If only this was my kitchen...

I'd add some cinder-blocks under the wheels of that car and call it PERFECT! I'd also learn myself how to cook without the aid of the local FD. I adore everything about this kitchen. EVERYTHING!

See anything that inspires you?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide (where I'm thinking that the single-wide needs the side of a car.  Quick!) hee-hee

Tuesday, March 1

Tailgates and Trunks...

The lights came on at The Primitique...

You could hear the pitter patter of our feet...

We were lining up...

All hands were on deck...

You better believe...

It was time to see...

Some creative geniuses at work!!!

I had the honor of hanging out with David and "the Mindy", Cathy and Mr. Junkin', Steve - Pam the genius behind the awesome windows, ALL day on Saturday!!!  Talk about some FUN!  Not ONLY that... I got to meet Jillian of Virginia House and see Lezlee of Prior again!  Lezlee had her sister, mother and woodworking guru, Josh (her son) along for the ride!  It was so interesting to watch their creative minds working while they were looking for treasures - I'm not kidding!  You could see the four of them creating things where they stood!

It was my first time to meet Cathy, Steve and Pam of "Girls Gone Junkin'"... and let me tell you - it's possible they have me as a stalker faithful follower from here on out.  Have you been to visit those crazy people (and there are MORE of them I haven't met yet!)? It's a MUST DO!!!  Cathy and her hoodlum crew set up each month in Canton... and whatever you have planned for this week-end you should just cancel now and go MEET them!!!  They are in Canton, Row 46 in the Paul Michael building.  Seriously - you won't believe your eyes... their creativity and KINDNESS will just leave you speechless!

I missed seeing YOU there!!!  Had you wandered in the door I would have showed you my spoon...

"the Mindy" knew I need a spoon around my neck - so she had one made for me!  I know, I KNOW!  You're incredibly jealous - but you can't have mine...

but you could easily nab one of this girls' (she's wearing some spoons AND keys) from The Primitique. Poor doll head... she's in jail and having to stare at the keys that could set her free...

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm under lock & key in the "la.bor.a.tory" trying to get ready for WarrentonWhat have you been doing?
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