Friday, May 1

Let Loose and Headin' North

Have you ever seen a modern day hill-billy headin' North on IH35 through Texas? If not, one could have been spotted last Friday morning! :-)

I loaded up my little car and hooked on a U Haul trailer full of old doors, ladders, the odd board or 6, wooden crates, a various assortment of other things and headed up to Ft. Worth for the Funky Finds Spring Fling! I'm fairly certain as I cruised along at the steady pace of 40mph (did I mention I have a tiny car and was pulling a U Haul trailer? I only got the bird shot in my direction a few times...) that I hummed really LOUD the Sanford and Son song a few times... I even did the finger clickin' thing! My Momma would be so proud!

What a GREAT success!!! red.neck Chic hit the Ft. Worth area with a resounding My sales were fantastic and the feedback was AWESOME!!! There are duct taped business cards and fliers sporting some more duct tape ALL over that area (and some surrounding ones too!!!)! I was in the presence of some awe inspiring talent as well!!! On one side I had "Loop+Lil", who had some ADORABLE children clothing and mobiles - and on the other side I had "Grubby Mitz Art Co" and "Blue Sky Sunburn" - two incredibly talented artists!

I couldn't help but think at one point that I hoped they didn't mind being parked beside a red.neck sporting an antler chandelier!!! wouldn't you love to see that?!!? Just wait...

Anywho...I was across from "Modest Ambition" and "Manhandled" and I got to meet the brains behind "Pink Lemonade", "Pocket Full of Prettys", "AdaptivereUse"...I'm still swooning from all of the cool (and extremely talented) artists I got to meet!!! There are toooooo many to mention without driving you crazy!!! Here is a link to Joe and Jessica Dougherty's flickr page (whom I thank very much for including me!) and they have pictures of EVERYONE that was there...including the fabulous crowds!!!

And last but not it is!!!

This booth was worth every minute of the TOOO many minutes it took to set-up and break down! Thank You Mike, Michelle and Mr. Aubrey for ALL of your help - and thank you to all of the vendors and customers that came to visit me!!!

Now, I have to get back into the laboratory - bwoo-ha-ha - (aka: sewing cave) to replenish my stock!!! Talk to you soon - Happy Junkin' and watch out for any hillbillies driving purple cars and towing U-Haul trailers...

' to you LIVE from a single-wide...


:-) robelyn

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