Friday, October 16

Just a phone call away...

I am so old-school at heart...TV doesn't get me too excited (unless it's HGTV of course!) - give me a newspaper and a hot cup of coffee over the news any day! I loose my cell phone more than I probably should (someday I'll confess to you how many times I've dropped it, run over it, lost it, lost it again, thrown it away, lost it again...). I learn more and more about the internet with each passing day - please don't ever quiz me on the inner workings of a computer (or how the net works for that matter!) - you would probably be the recipient of a very blank look from me. The microwave baffles me occasionally.  (Are all of those buttons necessary?  I think it's a conspiracy...). Given half a chance I would dress like June Cleaver or Audrey Hepburn every minute of every day (do you think my pettiskirt and frills would get in the way of my dumpster diving excursions? nah...). I would take a shiny black 1937 Buick over any car on the road today - and love every second of it! Big Band, Swing, Jazz and Blues?  YES! Am I in the wrong time at the right place? Perhaps.

I am SO old-school I refuse to buckle under techy pressure and buy a PDA - or even a computer program to keep all of my contact information in.  Yeah, okay, I won't buy it because I know I'll loose it (or forget to USE it) - but that's neither here nor there. LOL
So what do I do you ask?  Why - I use a rolodex!  But - because I be who I be - it's not your usual rolodex!  Surely you didn't expect NORMAL from me did you?  I combine my love of books (SERIOUS bookworm you are dealing with here!) with the needed storage space for all business cards and contact info. that comes zooming my way each day!
Such an easy project - do you have a few minutes?  Here's what you do...

Grab an old book (I like mine with notes scribbled in it and a little (lot!) on the worn side - I write mental stories about who I think had it before me) and start folding the pages back on them selves.  I fold 3 pages together, just so that I have feeling left in my fingers when I get done folding.  Fold the pages...

Fold some more pages...and then?  Fold some more.  Eventually you will make it to the end of the book!  What do you end up with?  Why, the perfect accordion file!

I THEN take some index cards, soak them in coffee or tea (whichever I have handy at the moment - WD-40 works too, but gets a lil' smelly), set them out to dry, then trim so they look like a tabbed index card.  Probably would be easier to BUY the tabbed cards - but hello. Look who you're talking to!
  This is where I get a little crafty...some rolodexes that I have made I attached the plastic marquee letters available at the scrap booking store, some I get brave and hand letter, a couple I have hand stamped...this one I just flat out cheated and used the vinyl lettering that I work with each day - but there are SO many choices out there for you! Use your imagination - and please let me know what you come up with...I'm always looking for new ideas and I know you have them!

Here is one of mine with a business card in it, but I have also been known to empty it out and use it to display vintage greeting cards, flash cards, menu's, etc.

 It makes a great display on a shelf, table - a desk perhaps?  ;-)

Now - here is my business card confession...
When my rolodex gets too full I weed out the ones that I don't ever use and take them to my laboooooooooratory.  I then pull out the duct tape and run some across the face of the card - flip it over and stamp "recycled" on the back - flip it BACK over and stick that infamous "red.neck Chic" logo on...
(I'm sitting here with a purely angelic grin on my face - don't you wish you had grin-a-vision?)

And there you have it!  Old school rolodex - with a twist!  Christmas is on it's way - wouldn't this be a fun gift for the bookworm near and dear to you?  Or - just make it for you!  You know what I REALLY like about mine?  It's the only organized ANYTHING on my desk - that alone makes it the best thing ever...HA!

Have a great week-end, Happy Junkin', guard your business cards from your local red.neck and grab up that old book!  Folding is sooooooooooo therapeutic.....

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-) Robelyn
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