Friday, February 3

will work for duct tape.

You know how God has a plan for you and he says: “Hey. I have a plan for you. Listen up.”

And you’re like, “hold on – let me do this and then I’ll listen.”

Then a few months go by and God says: “Hey freak, shut up for a second and listen to me: I have a plan for you.” (I firmly believe that God has a sense of humor and would call me names. Why? ‘Cause he made me.)

And you’re like, “hold on – I have to finish this and do this, then I’ll listen.”

A few more months go by and God says, “Good grief, I’ve told you I have a plan for you and you’re not listening!”

You hold your finger to your lips while staring at the shop door watching for just one new customer to wander in and say, “ssshhhh.... I won’t hear the front door bell ring if you're talking to me...”

Then he's like *pffft* and takes the jar of buttons that you’re playing in, shakes it like he’s a big, massive blender on steroids...

Next thing you know you find yourself standing jobless in the T-mobile kiosk, having a nervous breakdown (while sportin’ some BAD hair!) and freaking the cell phone girl out so much she starts crying, comes around the counter and puts her arms around you telling you it’s gonna be okay. Gotta love the T-mobile kiosk girl. When did adding an additional line become such a hard thing to do?! *geesh*

The economy is in a very precarious state – locally and nationally. Businesses, both small and large, are sitting on every penny of profit they bring in, hoping that they are not spending their money frivolously or making bad business choices... no crystal ball telling them what is going to happen tomorrow or the next day or the next.

The advertising business is in an even more precarious state. With the age of free on-line social networking (i.e: twitter, facebook – blogger, etc.) internet ads or email blitzes at a fraction of the cost of print ads or mass mail-outs – the small advertising businesses especially are balancing on their tippy toes in the middle of the ocean on an 1/8” piece of plywood that is getting nipped at by some cool lookin’ sea creature. (I know... I’m so dramatic! Hee-hee)

Due to the economy and businesses holding their breath while waiting for the next customer, sign shops are diversifying; newspapers are folding and/or going on-line. Billboard companies are offering steep discounts and/or going with the large LED boards so that they can have multiple businesses advertising on one board vs. one business – one board. Finances became a lil’ tight in my advertising/sign makin’ world...

Which puts me pounding the pavement and wreaking havoc trying to find a new place to hang my pocketbook. (It’s a gorgeous one – black floral cut velvet with saffron suede fringe that swings like a skirt... when I walk with it I am constantly running my fingers through it.) I’ve also thrown up my duct tape roll and said:

“okay God, I’m sorry, please forgive me for not listening to you. What was your plan for me?”

He hasn’t said yet, but he will as soon as I calm down and listen...

Comin’ to you LIVE from a single-wide where I made a sign that says, “will work for duct tape”... seriously – who would not hire me with that hanging around my neck?! While I'm waiting and listening... I’ve made an ahhhmazing dent in filling my empty shelves. Warrenton, here I come! Funky Finds – here I come! World - Be Warned: You are my oyster... here I come.

p.s. I’d like to go on record as saying (though I’m jobless): without twitter, facebook , blogger etc. I wouldn’t know you – and YOU are really really important to me. The “free advertising” world has brought me friends and loved ones, I’ve had doors and windows opened to me that I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams... and you. I have you in my life. I like that. ;-D
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