Thursday, June 14

lucy and ethyl

You know, for every Lucy there is an Ethyl. It's how the world works. How the Universe works.

Or how MY Universe works anyway.

I would like to go on record as saying this: Lucy got a bad rap. In MY opinion - Ethyl was the troublemaker... getting Lucy in to all kinds of crazy stuff!

Someday I'll tell you tales of gas pumps and ripped jeans, desk chairs that don't stay upright and chocolate pudding phones, static cling and coffee... operas and sock lines from self tanning lotion... fully extended bucket trucks and more coffee...  Christmas music in June and IM'ing from 10feet away... $2 flip-flops, wrong-side-out shirts and mis-matched (and/or missing) shoes... pizza hut pizza (hey Ethyl, if you call it in I'll go get it tomorrow and bring you lunch!!!) followed up with 3-day, 20lbs a minute diets and more coffee... clocks without batteries and 10,000foot scrap-vinyl mountains... turtle-necks, over-alls, circus people and stalkers... doors and pillars, hydraulic tables and office supplies... prom dresses at Christmas dinner and missing dogs... more coffee... plots and plans and mid-night phone calls starting with, "oh my gosh - what am i going to wear?!"

13 years of giggle inducing tales mixed in with some trials and errors - highs and lows - all things in between (including but not limited to:) dumpster usage, tattoos, flipped trucks, lipstick (because you DO know that 99cent lipstick and Neil Diamond fixes everything, right?), frozen cookie dough... and more coffee.

The craziness - it's all Ethyl's fault. *completely innocent grin goes here*

I called my Ethyl - who is a crochet needle GENIUS - the other night and said, "hey - I saw these somewhere i think..."

Next thing I know: I've got cotton face scrubbies to package up and take along to the "mercantile" in Hillsboro! Cool, right?

100% cotton.
Machine washable.
1 for each day of the week.
1 re.imagined handkerchief wash bag.
Alllllll packaged up in a jar so they look pretty on your vanity.
re.duce - re.use - re.cycle

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where if I was ever comin' to you LIVE from a jail-cell I would have to call YOU to come get me because Ethyl would be sitting right beside me... and I would bet my flip-flops that you would WANT to come bail us out just to hear the story of how we got there. It would start something like this: "a blonde and a red-head stumbled in to a...."
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