Wednesday, July 13

captain's log

Stardate: 65033.5

I have a cold... I have learnt that I can sneeze in 14 different languages and cough in 29. I feel certain that I am in the early stages of death due to Kleenex suffocation... but I tend to be overly dramatic like that.


I took this picture the other night and thought it was pretty! I still have SO much to learn about my new camera.

Made this bag a week-or-sew-ago and look:

It matches the chairs! (remember the chairs? i still have them.) Crazy, huh? It was a tablecloth...

After that my Singer committed sewicide. While I'm waiting for the sewing machine Dr. to get me my parts,

I've been making some red.neck Glam sparkles.

It's occurred to me that Warrenton isn't THAT far off in the distance...

and perhaps I should get busy.


I'm wearing my hot pink chucks 'cause they make me smile.

The End.

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I'm just sittin' back and takin' it easy... what are you up to today? Wearing anything that's making you smile? hee-hee
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