Friday, July 8

Sweet "T"

Mal and Sweet T
I'm sure you all know Sweet T (and Malisa... she's a trouble maker! geesh!)...

aka: Theresa Cano. Garden Antiques Vintage.

I just met Theresa a couple of years ago... got to know her and LAUGH with her WAY more this last time in Warrenton...

even lifted a bulldozer out of her booth.  Yeah - I said bulldozer.

Wanna know why I think she's so sweet?  Well... there are thousands of reasons (besides the fact that she has cool bulldozer toys) - but one of them is:

she spoils me rotten. ROTTEN!!!  Picture this:

long day at the pay-my-bills-job.
drive home dodging cattle, horses - black and white stinky things kitty cats...
a long winding gravel road...
alas!  there's the single-wide!  whew... FINALLY!!!
oh wait... what's that package on the porch?
it's for me!!!  what could it possibly be?!

uh huh... Sweet T spoilin' me rotten with a whole bunch of patches for the Saddle Tramp shirts - this is just a few of 'em!

Whew doggy - I'm havin' sew much fun with the patches you may NEVER get me out of my sewing room!!!

I've thought about going to see if I can find Sweet T at Binky's (where she's got a SALE goin' on!) this week-end... just to see what else she's got that I might need to walk off with. Maybe another bulldozer? Hmmmm... maybe a bike! Or, let's see... ANY of the fun stuff Sweet T finds and shares!!!
Will I see you there? What do you have planned for your week-end?

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I THANK YOU Theresa for spoilin' me rotten!!! hee-hee
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