Thursday, July 21


I work really hard to bring new things to the table. New ideas... fresh creations... fun stuff and things that you can't imagine not having in your life.

My brain often times goes in to overload and I can't produce fast enough - talk fast enough, sew fast enough, draw fast enough or take pictures fast enough. Sleep often eludes me so that I can stay in my mad-lab on my quest to re.define red.neck style.

I do it for you - because of you. YOU are my customer, my cheering section, my muse... my inspiration. YOU inspire me to keep working towards my goal... because, in the end, I have a big dream for "red.neck Chic" and I'm trying to do all of the right things and make all of the right moves to make my dream come true. Duct tape and all.

I'm not out to re-invent the wheel and I will be the first to admit that. But, it just makes me so angry when someone walks off with my ideas, my creations, my branding, my marketing... my business name. Supposedly "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"... I don't buy into that 'cause this bites. I know I'm not alone - I know this happens to you.

How do you handle it? This is me searching for your wise words...

aka: red.neck Chic

P.S. Tree trimming guru is A-OKAY!!!
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