Monday, October 3


Here's the scoop:

I have 25 lbs. of dust in my hair. (That's more dust than hair... I'm just sayin'.)

A stupid amount of junk in my front yard that I unloaded from my trailer.
(Tell me WHY I felt that I needed to BUY more junk after I sold the junk I already had?!)

I can't find my overnight bag in my car due to an insane amount of... stuff.
(including, but not limited to: 5 pair of cowgirly boots, some sparkle shoes, a few lamp shade frames, 10 rolls of duct tape, a footstool, a chair frame, a REALLY cool Austin Powerish lamp that Kitty Cat Daddy threw in, a metal lamp I couldn't live in the single-wide without, the necklace that Leslie the Retreauxgirl is sending in the giveaway box (it's AWESOME - trust me on this!) some dirty clothes, a horse ribbon that my most awesome blog hacker (Kristi/Junkology 101, I believe you met her? (She's officially my newest sister 'cause I say so.)) brought me, some dust and........ a Christmas Tree topper.)

I'll be back with Warrenton/Zapp Hall stories and photos and more stories (wait 'til you hear what Mama Debinator and Sweet T were up to!!!) and more photos and more stories...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where the fattest cat in the world is dogging my every footstep - but my child grinned and waved then was out the door again after I was MIA for a week ++. How do they grow up so fast? Oh... it could be he didn't want to help me unload the duct tape mobile. hee-hee
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