Wednesday, October 26


I forgot to show you my space at Zapp Hall! *gasp*

My brain is still fried from the 100,000,000,000, +++ degree temps that it was out there in the cow pasture.

Do you remember that Leslie the Retreauxgirl was my special guest? (I am still so honored!) Leslie is SPECIAL... eSPECIALly talented! Look at this:

and this:

The Retreauxgirl was rockin' and rollin'!!! It was so much fun to hear all of the "hey, look at this!" when customers were looking at her sparklin' thangs!!! I loved having her so much I asked her to be my guest again in the Spring! I'm excited!!! You won't want to miss her - I promise!

And... Zapp wouldn't have been NEAR as successful for me without the help of my mighty assistant. Mama Debinator thinks Grayzilla is HER assistant but I beg to differ...

NObody - and I mean NOBODY

can bring the "Chic" to the red.neck better than Grayzilla!!! I have come to the conclusion that I can do no other shows without her. I wonder what the child labor laws are in red.neckville?

Hmmm.... what else have I forgotten to show you?

There you have it!

I didn't have much of anything to load up and bring home (other than what I BOUGHT when I was there to SELL)...

and I'm thinking that's a GOOD problem, right?!

really. this was the end of my tent. ;-D
comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where the show must go on, sew I'm getting ready for Funky Finds in a couple of weeks! My poor sewing machines may go on strike here shortly... I wonder if Grayzilla can sew yet? hee-hee
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