Saturday, November 21

It's A Party...

... HAT!  Yep - you KNOW you have 'em layin' around somewhere!  Why not pull them out for Christmas?!  We'll have a Christmas Celebration!!!  Well, on top of the Birthday Celebration that Christmas is!

(You know the sound a record makes when you suddenly put your finger on it and it comes to a screeching halt?  Well...I just heard that sound...)

I think Jesus needs a party hat in my manger scene this year.

Sorry, had to bring the slight break in for you're going to be humming that lil' diddy for the rest of the day!  You're welcome. 
ANY.WAY.  I was perusing my Christmas selections going into my booth this week-end and found that I had NOTHING to cater to the "more contemporary" customers I have (and appreciate!)!  So, I remedied that situation...the red.neck way!!! Thus, the demolition of a party hat (or 5).

Let me show you the red.neck way!  Remove as much of the sparkles as you can (Yes. I actually said "remove" and "sparkles" in the same sentence...) from a left-over party hat.

Then stack some books on top of 'em so they lay flat!  I mean - FLAT!  The reason why?'re gonna "cone-'em-up" the other direction! I think I'm going to submit "cone-'em-up" to Webster.  I like that term.  You can say you heard it here first.

After they resemble the pancakes that I make (I forget certain ingredients that make them rise - my hat's off to the whole "frozen pancake" conglomeration.) lay them out carboard side up and whip out your trusty spray glue!

You might want to wear a mask when spraying - unless you are like me and forget what....the............ fumes.......can do.......... just...uhmmm.....uh....
As soon as you've sprayed (no, I'm not calling you a skunk - geesh!) grab some burlap and lay it down, then plant the party hat - glue side down - straightening out the wrinkles, creases and air pockets!

Oh - the reason I "cone-'em-up" cardboard side out is because I'm skeert the screechin' purple, pink, lime and yellow would show through the burlap and therefore cancel out the whole "simpler/more contemporary" effect I was going for. (I just hope they don't look on the INSIDE - Whew!)

Next - whip your hot glue gun out of it's holster and get to gluin'!  Oh, I mean - "cone-'em-up"! (That was said in my most authoritative "wrangle-'em-up" voice...sorry you missed it!) Then, you just get super creative while standin' head first in your trim box (or - boxes...or - storage room full...)! Sequins, ribbons, buttons, ornaments...your options are endless!!!

A burlappy - non-Traditional - slightly contemporary (with the red.neck touch) - "contemporary" Christmas Tree!

I will confess...this is the only one I have completed out of my future red.neck Christmas Tree farm... some dip-stick didn't re-stock on her glue sticks and is now facing a real "non-sticky" situation *doh!*.  I'll have to get back to you on how the rest of 'em grow up for the Christmas Celebration!!!

What kind of Christmas Trees have YOU been making this year?

Now, I'm off to the sticky-stick store - I've got some Christmas Trees to dress and a lil' party hat to make!!!  Have a great day full of sparkles, glue and... burlap!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-) Robelyn
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