Tuesday, November 24

Thanksgiving - In The Bag!


To:  All of You Who Inspire Me.
Date:  November 24, 2009
From: red.neck Chic
Subject: Thanksgiving, Purse-iversary and an Award.

(Yeah - watch THIS! - I'm going to roll the three subjects together like a super gigantic roll of duct tape.)

First - Thank You to Debra over at Talking Trash for awarding me with the Kreative Blogger Award - for some reason she thinks lil' old ME can out-trash gorgeous lil' old HER... as if!  She still and will ALWAYS wear the trash talkin' crown - with tons of sparkles! According to the rules, I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself. I think I'm going to follow along with the Trash Diva and list 7 things I am Thankful For!

Roman Numeral 1:
I am Thankful for the right side of my brain. The Alpha State. (yep, I researched that...ha!) It is solely responsible for my Ten Year Purse-iversary! For TEN whole years (this week!) I've been plugging along with in.di.vid.u.al Objects - the original "brain child" and my launch into the handbag world! Whew - that's a lot of brain activity.

Did you know that I have NEVER used a purse pattern?  Each pattern that I use for my bags (and bags I have made for others...what can I say, they had GORGEOUS fabric I got to play with!!!) is designed by moi, in my laboooooooooratory and tried and true 'til I deem it perfect! Then I start on another one... and another one... and another one... 
And I'm STILL waiting for Coco's phone call... geesh!  Where's she at?!!? 

Roman Numeral 2:
I am Thankful for Friends and Family!  They have ALL been there fixing my sewing machine(s), building sewing rooms, moving cutting tables and fabric... and more fabric... and more fabric - then moving it all again - even coughing up a belt or two 'cause I think it will make the purrrrrrrfect purse handle! Thank You for being my "purse testers" and... thank you to all males (even the resident teen!!!) for shaking your head and saying "that's great!" when I ask you what you think of my newest creation.

Roman Numeral 3:
I am Thankful for those who don't see the beauty in tarnished, broken and missing a few things - I'm talkin' Sparklies ofcourse!!! I thank them for catering to the "inner crow" (oh, a sparkley!  let me grab that!!!) that leases space mid-brain.  Garage sales, flea markets, junk stores, parking lots - I thank them ALL!!!

Roman Numeral 4:
I am Thankful for being able to Laugh!  Seriously - I am so Thankful for that!  I laugh when something - anything! - tickles my funny bone, I laugh while driving...just because - I laugh in the face of adversity!!! And in the past 10 years, I have laughed at a few of my creations... laughed when I felt like crying 'cause WHO KNEW the handbag world would be so hard?!!?... and I've laughed at every lil' baby step that has brought me here today.  LOLOLOLOL  Keep laughin' and people will wonder what exactly you're up to...that's my motto.  hee-hee 

Roman Numeral 5:
I am Thankful for being born and bred an American!  Without ALL of the brave Men and Women that have gone before me I wouldn't BE FREE to make purses...or anything at all!!! So, Thank You! (You should go read Mr. Flannery's post on Thanksgiving..he's SO much more eloquent than I could ever DREAM of being!!!)

Roman Numeral 6:
I am Thankful for food on the table (and in the microwave!), a roof on my single-wide (hee-hee) AND on my sewing room... and a heater.  It's cold...it's like...62 degrees today - brrrrrrrrrrr.

Roman Numeral 7:
I am Thankful for my day job.  I know EVERYDAY is such a struggle and SO many souls are struggling out there each and every moment, whether they have a job or they are currently searching.  The purse business is not THAT far in the bag..........yet.  So I am Thankful.

Roman Numeral 8:
I am Thankful for the world of blogging.  YOU have offered up so many opportunities for me, YOU have opened so many doors and windows for me, YOU have given me a glimpse into your world and YOU have extended your hands in friendship.  I am Thankful for YOU my bloggin' buddies.  I think YOU ROCK! (Not like a wobbly boulder... more like a sturdy foundation - with duct tape of course.)

Roman Numeral 9:
No....I can't count!!!  I just have so many things that I GIVE THANKS for!!!
Last but not least...I am Thankful for God.  Without him I am nothing.

Thank You for sharing my "purse-iversary" with me!!!  What are YOU Thankful for? I want to know, because I'm awarding YOU and your Kreativeness now!!!

I'm all ears and comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-) Robelyn
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