Tuesday, November 3

10 Things?

Happy Tuesday!!!  The SUPER Fun (AND featured on Junk Market Style!) Kris (I'm going to arrive on her doorstep with a duct tape roll and cowboy hat someday... maybe even the duct tape ON the cowboy hat...) over at Second Hand Rose bestowed upon me the Honest Scrap Award!

Have you gone to visit her/their blog (It's a whole GROUP of multi-talented ladies and gentlemen!)?  If not - RUSH over there because the Second Hand Rose occasional sale starts Thursday and Oh My Gosh - it looks like so much FUN!!!  Why oh WHY am I on the wrong end of the map?  *sigh*  Approximately 1,107.61 miles on the wrong end of the map. *bigger sigh*


 Here's the rules and regulations...
1. Thank the nominator and tip my hat to her - tip!
2. Tell you 10 honest things about myself.
    Hmmm....do they have to be INTERESTING things? LOL  I'm not that interesting!!!
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers!
 You already know I'm a self-confessed junk-a-holic and my sewing machine is an extension of myself - let's see what else I've got...

1.  I am the middle child.  I have a big brother and a little brother - they are both bigger than I am... of course, so is my teenage son... we are all bigger than my Mama!

2.  Nina Simone is my ALL-time FAVORITE artist/vocalist/entertainer.

3.  I know we have established this already, but I could drink coffee 24/7. (cell phone #... I don't know what #... ended up in my coffee cup the other morning - I stood there with my mouth hanging open, listening to the echo of my distress cry bounce across the hay fields instead of saving it's wee lil' life... those things don't dry out like I think they should.).  I put vanilla cream in my coffee and that's some STICKY stuff!!!

4.  I was born in Central Texas - grew up in Crawford, TX (nope, never met George W) and also part-time in Orlando, FL. My first "culture shock" came in the 6th grade when I went from a 1A school with 150 kids K-12th to a 5A school with millions of kids - just in the Jr. High!  Lil' old me was standing with my back PLASTERED against my locker (which was the first one I had ever had!!!) clutching my clarinet and lunch box like they were life lines, eyes as big as saucers with tears running down my face when a girl with huge purple hair standing straight up on her head, more earrings than I had ever seen in my life (probably still to this day!) and an absolute rainbow explosion of clothing hanging off of her, walks up to me and says, "dang girl, what hick-ville did you just escape from?".  I started giggling (she looked like a clown!), she ruffled the top of my head and off we went - she's one of my closest friends still to this day!  hee hee!

5.  My cat can open the door and let himself out to play - then he knocks on the door when he's ready to come back in.  He's just cool like that.

6.  I can NOT cook.  Flames happen.  If I ever offer to feed you - run.  Fast.  It is for your own safety and well-being.

7.  I am a NASCAR girl!  AND!  I'm on the countdown for the race this week-end in Texas where I will be the only girl in ruffles and lace (mixed in with gas fumes and tire grime) standing on her seat yellin' for the 14 car - just a handful of rows off the track -  right at the end of pit row! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAW!

8.  My brain doesn't stay in neutral for more than half a second.  If I'm not doing SOMETHING (or have my nose buried in a book - my curiousity and quest to learn anything and everything is going to be the end of me. LOL) then I'm dreaming up new trouble to get in to and I make notes, sketches - new purse designs... on anything and everything... I leave a scribbled paper trail everywhere I go. I would be a professional organizers NIGHTMARE (yet easy to track down!!!)!

9.  I freeze in crowds.  BUT!  Get me one-on-one and I can start a sentence on one subject and end it on a totally un-related second subject - and unless you know that about me you could be left feeling like you just survived a mini-tornado (but conversation would never lag between us!).  I'm cool like that. HA! HA!

10. My house is ALWAYS changing (one has to allow for the cool junk finds at all times!!!) and my dining table especially... I'm supposed to be putting all of this stuff away but it looks so pretty just sitting there - I think I will leave it for a while! (And no... a girl can NOT have too many platters, bowls, salt & pepper shakers... tableware in general!!!)!

WHEWTHAT was hard!!!  If you had to think of 10 things you're willing to share with the world, what would they be?  'Cause guess what... I'm awarding YOU the Honest Scrap award!!!  Take it and RUN with it - but tell ME about YOU!  I would love to hear it - it can be my "something new" I've learned today!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide...hee-hee
;-)  Robelyn

P.S. Don't forget to hop in the slop pail for my give-away!!!

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